Pick the Masters winner

Who will win this weekend’s Master’s?

Two rules:

  1. You cannot pick anyone named Eldrick
  2. You cannot pick a player who has been chosen already in this thread.

The players are listed here.

I’m undecided between a few players, so I’ll wait a while and let some other folk pick first. Hmm. Freddie looked pretty good over the weekend…

Hah! I swear I was gonna start a thread identical to this.

I’m gonna pick John Rollins.(assuming his birth name ain’t Eldrick)

Can’t wait fer Thursday!

ETA: Though I thought about Retief and Freddie also.

Geoff Ogilvy.

He’s played really well the last two weeks so I’ll go with the guy on the hot streak.

Well I sure didn’t expect JR to be the first pick! :stuck_out_tongue:
Good choice with the Aussie. I’m still trying to figure whether to be conventional or bold. I’ll wait a while longer to see if the choice is made for me.

I’ll be boring and pick Phil Mickelson.

Yeah I know, I coulda waited to be the last poster and still got Rollins probably.I think he is due.

And the man-boobs are gone at #3!

Ernie Els.

Aaron Baddeley (almost took Jim “Eldrick” Furyk).

Mike Weir [/shameless Canadian nationalism] :slight_smile:

Dibs on Rory Sabbatini.

If I can’t pick anybody named Eldrick, how can I pick the winner?

Damn you.

Ok…I got Vijay Singh.

I take Els. He has shown a little promise this season.

Craig Stadler. I like his mustache.

We all know Eldrick will win, but I’m rooting for Stadler.

Steve Stricker

Zach Johnson with the Double!

Gonzo needs a mulligan.

Yes he does. You missed the rules there, dude.

Here’s who is taken so far:

John Rollins MadTheSwine
Geoff Ogilvy Kid A
Phil Michelson dalej42
Ernie Els Lamar Mundane
Aaron Baddely Least Original
Mike Weir Borschevsky
Rory Sabbatini wilson
Vijay Singh Yeticus Rex
Craig Stadler MadPansy64
Steve Stricker K364
Zach Johnson Wargamer

gonzomax - you can’t take Els - he’s already been taken.
I’ll still wait a while longer before choosing. Lots of good players left.