Pick your Crow(e)

Between the Black Crowes and Counting Crows, which do you prefer?

Counting Crows for me. Still listen to them occasionally. They were the perfect band for me during their heyday.

I was expecting a “Jim” option. And I’m happy to be wrong.

For the benefit of any Black Crowes fans: In case you hadn’t heard, The Magpie Salute is a band in which you would likely be interested.

… and come to think of it, Cameron Crowe or Russell Crowe?

And what about Ravens?

Counting Crows for me. I like the lyrics and the music.

I only know one Black Crowes song and it’s a middling cover of a much better singer. Have had zero interest in hearing any more. Southern Rock is generally not my thing, anyway. Also that prancing skinny git who fronted them annoyed me way more than Duritz’s ridiculous dreads ever could.

I’ll check 'em out. Also, the New Earth Mud are worth a listen. Chris Robinson’s post-Crowes band.

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Like a Tumbleweed in Eden

EDIT: I like, “April Fool”

“Hard to Handle”? Yeah, I agree. But both “Remedy” and “She Talks to Angels” kick ass, and I remember really liking their albums.

He *is *a skinny git, though.

Huge Counting Crows fan. Part of the soundtrack of my life. Still my favorite band.

This thread is murder.


That’s what I was expecting. For the OP, Black Crowes without any hesitation. My first CD was Southern Harmony and Music Companion.


My choice as well.

Sorry, Tom Servo rules.

Ack…Southern Harmony and Musical Companion. I hesitated when I wrote it originally, but didn’t bother to double check. I confess, I didn’t listen to them much pass Amorica, but that album has got to be one of the best albums of the early 90s, if you’re into 70s blues-based kind of rock with a 90s twist. I don’t mind the Counting Crows, but they’ve always been kind of boring musically to me, but interesting lyrically. I vibe with the music more, usually, hence my preference for the Crowes instead of the Crows.



Agreed. Some great songs on that album. My favorite of the band.

Big Black Crowes fan here since “Southern Harmony And Musical Companion”. Yes, they were derivative as hell, but damn they were good at it. If their two first albums had appeared in 71 and 72, they’d be considered absolute rock classics. I saw them live twice in 1993 and loved both gigs. I really can’t say much about the Counting Crowes, I only know “Mr. Jones” (which I like for its Dylan references) and their cover of “Big Yellow Taxi” (which is ok and not that awful as many people think).