Pick your least favorite governor and explain why

Republican or democrat. I saw this done on a political site I frequent and learned a lot. So, I thought I’d employ the Dope’s knowledge and see what comes up.

I’ll go with Tom Corbett since I’m from PA.

  1. He’s owned by the gas and oil industry and seems to have no reservations when it comes to fracking.

  2. He’s tried to cut science from the education system, fired over 100 teachers from the Reading area (one of the poorest cities in the nation), and cut funding to education in general.

  3. He’s privatized the prison system and the lottery.

  4. Having a hand in voter suppression laws and gerrymandering.

  5. Forcing women to have an ultrasound before an abortion.

  6. Suspected of covering up Sandusky scandal.

Did I miss anything?

My state’s governor (Jay Nixon, MO) is kind of uninspiring but seems mild-mannered and honest, more or less. And I can’t even tell you who most of the current governors are. Aren’t a few of the sitting governors at the beginning of their terms?

But offhand, from the press I see, I suspect these three will get mentioned by someone else: Jan Brewer (AZ) - kook?
Scott Walker (WI) - angry radical?
Rick Scott (FL) - pretty horrible, apparently?

Rick Scott of Florida ®, just for killing high-speed rail, and that’s just the beginning.

Ever, or currently?

Because the Lord Cornbury thing is false (and so what anyway)

But if we’re talking ever, my non-obvious choices would probably be Bill Clinton and Eliot Spitzer, for using their respective security details in inappropriate ways.


Rick Perry is pretty far up the list of buffoons but I honestly don’t know how actively evil he has been as governor of my great state.

Well, the Texas Governor is a pretty weak executive. So the good and evil that he can do is limited, thank god.

Still, I know him the best, and like him the least. Implying your state should secede should earn you an impeachment. I’m hoping enough people remember his performance in the primaries that we will be rid of him next election.

Sam Brownback of Kansas.

President Obama, I love you, man, but you really screwed Kansas when you asked Kathleen Sebelius to be head of HHS. I mean seriously, do you have any idea how hard it was to elect a Democratic Governor in Kansas? I live (part time) in Missouri, and while Jay Nixon may be a bit feckless he’s not actually insane.

I hear ya. But, please do go on.

Bobby Jindal

Now, I know nothing about his policies (aside from his hatred of the Affordable Care Act) or his general governorship of Louisiana, but every time I see his spiteful and smug face on TV I just can’t help but think that he is probably one of the biggest assholes on this planet.

Defrauding medicare for around 200 million should be on the list i think.

And now this.

Why am I the first to mention Jan Brewer? I can’t decide if she is worse drunk or sober…actually not sure she is ever sober, come to that.

I’d have to go with Gov. Rick Perry of Texas. I got to see only small portions of the GOP primaries but his speeches and comments were appalling. Comments like “In Texas, we teach both creationism and evolution.” and “It’s a good issue to keep alive. It’s fun to poke at him[Pres. Obama].” suggest either true ignorance or a craven need to cater to his base.

Then trying to block healthcare reform while owning a company offering urgent care to the uninsured.


It should be like a whole other country.


OK, I hereby declare “brownback” the new “santorum.” We just have to pick a meaning for it. The floor is open for nominations. It has to be fitting, not entirely arbitrary. “Santorum” works because it sounds like, if it were a common noun, it would be the name of a substance. What does “brownback” suggest?

It’s a shame we don’t have recall in this state.

This one, hands down.

Shouldn’t require TOO much explanation.

It kinda suggests that a santorum-infused money shot actually went onto the, uhhh, recipient’s back.

ETS: Lob softballs much?