Picklebacks and other yummy shots

My Monday evening beer discussion group met last night. A good time was had by all. My buddy Chris, a bartender by trade, ordered a round of picklebacks.

I’d never heard of or had a pickleback. It’s simply a shot of cheap whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice. Boom, boom. And the taste is awesome!

I followed the pickleback round with a round of Finger Me Sooo Goods (Crown Royal and Butterscotch Schnapps), then we returned to our beers.

Any favorite shooters?

I’ve always been partial to a cement mixer [1 part Bailey’s Irish Cream (Other types of alcoholic Irish cream may be substituted.) 1 part Lime juice (lemon juice may be substituted)] for the uninitiated. It is always fun for the uninitiated.

Before the advent of Fireball Whiskey, I’ve always enjoyed a Prairie Fire (Tequila and Tabasco) to get a warm feeling all over.

Shillelagh - Equal parts Bailey’s and vodka

The South African National Shooter is the Springbokkie - a layered shooter, half Amarula floated on half Crème de menthe (specifically, Bols Green Mint). I must have made thousands of them when I was the barman at our gold mine’s rec club.

I am also the proud inventor of the Amygdaloidal Basalt and U-Boat…

No Amarula around here, I’m afraid. No Amarula trees either. Sounds interesting, though.

Irish Car Bombs anyone?

A couple years ago my gf visited Ireland. I told her not to order one there.

You can make it with Baileys, it’s close enough. Amarula is like a slightly fruity Baileys.

Cool. I will try a Springbokkie later tonight. My Wednesday beer discussion group is scheduled to meet at 5.

Oh, and speaking of Bailey’s, I had a Baileys/Sambuca shot recently as an after dinner Freebie at TuttaPasta. Thanks, Waren!

One of my favorites is a shot of good rye whiskey, brand is unimportant, followed quickly by another shot of the same good rye whiskey.

It’s important to get the pouring over the back of a spoon bit right, you don’t want the two layers to mix at all.

Yeah, I’m actually pretty good at stuff like that.:wink:

And a search of the PA State Store (liquor stores) web site shows zero results for Amarula. :frowning:

Duck Fart
Layered Bailys, Kaluha and Crown Royal.

The semi official shot of Iditarod mushers and followers…mmmmmmm!

I was at the liquor store for unrelated reasons tonight and I saw Amarula so I picked it up.

burp These springbokkies are tasty sort of a fruit smoothie meets shamrock shake.

Couple of my favs:

Whisky and Stones. Shot of whisky (I prefer Jameson or Canadian Club) with a dash of Stones green ginger wine. Shoot or sip over ice.

Equal parts Absinthe, Vodka and Tequila for the fast track to pissed ville

Hmm, interesting.

What I like to do is take a half-shot a good rye whiskey (brand is unimportant) and, very carefully, layer it on top of a half-shot of the same good rye whiskey.

I am so trying that!

I’m surprised. It’s not too terribly hard to find in well-stocked liquor stores around here, at least. I know, because I was so excited when I came back from South Africa to bring my parents a gift of a couple bottles of Amarula only to find it at pretty much every second liquor store I visited here in Chicago.

I haven’t had Amarula in ages, and the Springbokkie sounds pretty good. Might have to go shopping this week. (I’m out of Bärenjäger, anyway, which is one of my preferred shots when I decide to indulge.)

OK, I’m not into shooters, but once every, I dunno, five years or whenever I feel like reliving my college days I enjoy a girl scout cookie: equal parts Bailey’s, kahlua (or creme de cacao), and peppermint schnapps or creme de menthe.