Pickpockets suck!

Day 1 in London, some scum steals my iPhone out of my jacket pocket! Very crowded bar, bank holiday weekend and I didn’t notice a thing. It’s a major pain in the butt, but I’m not going to let it ruin my holiday.

Well that’s gotta suck.

So, wacha gonna see? Where you gonna go? Wacha gonna do?

I’m treating myself to a lunchtime pint of good ale and then off to the British Museum. If the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians survived with mobile phones, so can I! I’ve got theatre tonight so I won’t be the jerk with his phone ringing in the middle of the show.

Not to belittle your loss, but evidently the pickpockets in London do NOT suck. :wink:
That’s a drag though. Still: London, right?! And when you get home you have an excuse to get a new phone, so there’s that.

True. If I have to be robbed, I’d rather it be a pro that just wants the phone as opposed to a desperate junkie robbing me at knifepoint. I’ve got my wallet, credit card and £15 so I’m sure the thief just wanted the phone and it already has a dodgy foreign SIM card in it now.

That’s impressive. I thought they used their hands.

I’m picturing a sad & scared iPhone, crying in the dark because it misses you and has been kidnapped in a foreign land. The new sim card is ill-fitting and awkward, and the thief is forcing it to browse the most unspeakable websites…

I knew a guy in his 90s who was still very active. He had season Pirates baseball tickets, taking a bus into town, then walking across the bridge to the park.

He was seen as an easy mark for pickpockets. After his second wallet loss, he began carrying his “real” wallet elsewhere, and a dummy wallet in his back pocket. Whoever took his wallet would find it stuffed with newspaper cut to the size of dollar bills, along with a note that read, “FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE”.

Can you brick the phone remotely?

Yup, I used find my iPhone when I got back to my hotel and it was already offline. I assume the thief pulled the SIM card and my old phone now has a Nigerian phone number.

I’m sorry this happened to you, but it might be a good thing for vacation. You won’t be a slave to your phone. I hope you didn’t have any financial info stored on it.