Pickup balls.

I saw a set of these on a pickup the other day, and didn’t really believe my eyes. So I googled. At first I searched “pickup balls” and found only sports stuff. Hmmm… Then I realized my mistake and searched “truck balls”. Shudda known, you guys don’t call 'em pickups. Anyway, I got tons of hits.
Well, I swan! They’re real. Yep, pretend gonads. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’d be sorely tempted to kick 'em to see if the pickup (truck) screams.
Give me the hitch propeller. :cool:

So she can get tea bagged while sucking the chrome off the trailer hitch?

That’s… really… odd.

For comparison, the hitch propeller, as mentioned above.
Now that’s kinda cute, especially in rainy weather.

Makes it a lot easier to identify the big pricks on the road.


Why go for just a propeller when you can have the whole engine.

Cool! :cool: And only $25.
Almost makes me wish I had a pickup.

They look very small on the back of a pick-up, don’t they?