What's with these Trailer Hitch Balls?

I have seen a couple of threads about how some ads try to equate owning a large vehicle with having mammoth testes. That got me thinking about thetrailer hitch balls I see on some trucks and SUV’s. What are these guys trying to say? “I drive huge phallic symbol with tinnie tiny nuts?” “My SUV is so studly it has the side effects of steroid abuse?”

They say to me, “I’m in and out of a man, all day long.”

I saw a set on a little old Ranger yesterday that brought a chuckle out of me.

Well, that would also explain the need for boobs on the bridge of the Serenity…

To me it says:

“I think it’s funny to represent my vehicle, in public, as a masculine animal with exposed testicles.”

Which is why I don’t understand the coded ridicule. What could be more self-evidently ridiculous than the truth?

The first time I saw a truck with a set of those, I told my husband (after I stopped laughing) that there is no way in hell I would ride in a vehicle that had those attached. That has got to be the ultimate in tacky.

I would like to get a set to secretly attach to a Hummer whose driver I loathe…

I have a friend whose buddies gave him a blue set to attach to his ATV specifically for the tackiness. We think it’s funny; I don’t know anyone who sees them as anything but a joke.

I agree with SnakesCatLady . . . I think they’re pretty tacky as well.I’d be embarrassed to ride in a car with them attached.

But having said that, a set of blue ones is a different matter. That is a bit funnier, maybe enough so to get me to climb in.

There was a pickup truck that had a pair attached in the parking lot where I work. I could never resist the urge to give them a good kick every time I passed. :cool:

At the risk of a slight jack, I have to say that the balls are slightly less offensive/crass than the lettering on another local pickup. It’s an (older) Ford diesel; I think that they called their diesel engines Turbostroke or something? At any rate, the back window proudly proclaims something along the lines of “While the other guys are cummin, I’m still strokin’.” :rolleyes:

Why couldn’t he have been happy with just a ‘Calvin’ pissing on a Ram logo like everybody else? :smack:

I think they’re bizarre and very tacky. I mean, depths of tack here. Oddly, the last time I saw a set, it was a girl and they were lime green. I’m not sure what that means.

Someone needs to get a pair of these and attach them to their antenna.

I think it was Zaa Zaa Gabor that said, “Macho doesn’t mean mucho, …”

If you have to wear them long, large and low on your trailer hitch, your self esteem must short, tiny and dragging as well …


I don’t know, but I’m relieved to see that they are

To me it says “My penis is small, so I use my car as a proxy, and I’m admitting it, too.”

I have a set of purple balls on my keyring.

I forgot the link. They’re about 2/3rds of the way down just past the chrome bull balls.

These have to be a joke. I can’t see someone seriously mounting these on a vehicle driven in public. Doubly-so for the scrotal keychains.

Nope, sorry. I see them often.

Perhaps if you wear a long coat, nobody will notice.

Now where did that punchline come from??

In case you didn’t catch the joke…Cummins