OK so it’s no big prize, but I’m the “July Winner” here.
(from the main page, scroll down to the ‘Contest’ button and give 'er a click.)

Now, how do I break the news to Mrs. Spritle? :smiley:

link repaired - UB

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Bad link Bad!

::Shaking head ruefully::

Sorry. Sorry. I’ll try again.


Now, what shall I do with them?

I didn’t hit “Refresh” on the MPSIMS forum screen after lunch. I didn’t see that UB fixed my link. Many thanks, big guy!

I do believe that is one of the most disturbing, yet oddly fascinating products I’ve seen. I suppose there’s a market for everything, but truck testicles?

Now I want a pair for my F-150.

What color did you win?

I got to choose.
I was going for realistic “flesh tone”, and figured that the champagne was probable closest. However, there is something decidedly wrong about “champagne” bull testicles. Kind of like a carnation pink Humvee or a fuchsia bass boat. So I asked for the red.

Trucks, nuthin’. They’re goin’ on the back of my little TR-7!!

Figure the wimmin-folk would complain about mounting hardware not being included. :wink:

Definitely a GuyThing[sup]TM[/sup].

My Rottweiler would love a pair of them things to play with! Go on boy…get your ball…:smiley:

I’m so tempted to get a red pair and stick them on my mom’s company van.

The pristine high muckey muck parking lot full of pristine, sleek company cars (or as is the case, company SUVs)…and my mom’s nice pretty red van…with balls.

For my litle green car, the brown.

Think they would work okay mounted on a wall? I’m getting a new apartment this fall…

I repeat
Bad Link! Bad!

From customer testimonials:

  • …Using the three “links” allows the balls to swing to and fro, yet not “twist” too much, that way they are always facing the right direction.*

Errm. Turn your wheel and cough.
Can you say ‘Chick Repellant’? I can picture it now: I pull alongside a pair of nice looking women in a red Audi TT. The auburn haired beauty in the passenger seat looks over my car and nods approval, while the driver winks at me with her alluring green eyes. As I downshift and pass them, hoping they will follow me into the parking lot of a nearby pub, they get a look at a pair of giant blue balls dangling under my rear bumper. They are thinking, “no wonder you have blue balls,” and simultaneously call me a ‘Wanker’ as they hurriedly turn off in an attempt to loose me…

You won the booby prize (pun intended) I suggest you furtively install them on a buddies car.

You think that’s bad, Zebra? Check out Neuticles!