"Balls" that hang from the back of your vehicle

Okay, I know I saw these things in a MPSIMS thread way back when, but I can’t remember what they’re called to do a search.

My boyfriend was driving down the road and saw a Toyota Land Cruiser with “testicles” hanging down from the rear bumper. He was explaining this to me with great humor, and I shocked him by telling him that I knew someone here who had posted a link (and I think even bought them).

Can you tell me what the name of this product is? And if you can offer up the website, that’d be great too!

He says he wants some, but I can’t imagine him ever buying a pair and hanging them from his Isuzu Amigo (or his '66 Mustang, for that matter, either!).

Many thanks in advance.

I first saw those on Opal’s website.

Here’s the link…

Are they not hilarious?

Talk about love in vein.

Fantastic! I knew someone would come through.

Bless you, lieu.

I have a pair of red ones! (honest)

I won them in their slogan contest. I think it was August 2001.

My winning slogan?

“Go ahead. Give 'em a test tickle.”

(I guess there weren’t many entries that month.)

Ah, yes. I remember that. I remember you had a thread on that! I just sent the link over to the BF. I’m assuming this has got to be the same product he saw. There can’t be more than one, right?