pics and mgi photosuite 8.05

I have some questions about some pictures I downloaded.

  1. I downloaded some that were .bmp files. I changed them to
    .jpg and now they open in mgi photosuite 8.05 (I think that’s
    the version I have) which is what I want. I can’t add them to
    an album, however. It says, “Unknown or invalid file type.” How do I add them to an album?

  2. Some pics that I downloaded wouldn’t open at all: “The selected file is not a valid image file. The image could not be read”
    But Windows Explorer would generate a preview in the left-hand
    side of the window. Why would the image show there and not in Photosuite? And can I get them to open in Photosuite?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Can anyone help?

Don’t rename them. ie. Leave the extension as .bmp.
Launch photosuite.
File, Open and select the file name with the .bmp
File, Save As .jpg

It looks like your changing of the file extenstions causing your programs not to recognise BMP’s as JPG’s - mainly because they’re not.

Changing the extension does not actually change the attribute of the file. It only associates it differently.

Thank you Caught@Work!

It worked perfectly.