Pics from the January ChiDope

Rather than bumping a very long old thread, thought I’d just start a new one.

If you want pics of the January ChiDope gathering, let me know either in this thread or send me an email or hit me up in chat, and I’ll send you a zip file of the jpegs.

MikeG, how’s that web page coming? :hint hint:

Other than the red-eye that everyone seems to have, most of them turned out pretty good. In particular, Nym and Andy, there is a great pic of the two of you. Shots of people drinking right from the giant champagne bottle and getting some strange looks from non-Dopers in the bar. Can’t figure out why…

Dammit, porc! I’m mad you didn’t automatically send them to me, since I’ve been WHINING for three weeks now! Send 'em, send 'em, send 'em!

Nym, you’re going to get even more pissed at me; you’ll have to wait a few more hours so I can send them from home. Can you manage a few more hours without 'em, babe? :wink:

[shameless whining]And in exchange for pics, please vote for March 10th for the next ChiDope in Valerieblaise’s thread.[/shameless whining]

Oh, sweet mother of crying baby jay-zus. PORC! I am kicking your ASS when I see you next! Taunt me with a good pic line, then tell me I can’t have it for hours. You no-good, low-down, dirty so-and-so.

HEY! Can I get this thing moved to the Pit?! HEY! Anyone listening???

Anyway, as I was saying, yes, porcupine, dearest, I would love to sit here, whiling away the hours having a deep discussion on astrophysics in chat. Or perhaps a good book. Yes, in a few hours would be lovely. You’re too kind.


Ok, everyone in chat wanted to see them, so I threw them up very quickly. No captions, nothing fancy, so no bitching :). If anyone else wants to seem them:

What? You mean she actually missed a Dopefest? We’ll have to take away her frequent traveller miles.

Here’s a few more, including the pics from boli’s camera.

Thanks, porcupine! Excellent.