Pictures from the Orlando Obama Rally

Well, it’s taken a little while, but I’ve finally whittled out the loser pictures, edited most of the remainders, and uploaded all of my pictures of the event onto my Photobucket account.

For your enjoyment, here they are: Link


Have a fun time?

You got some really good shots - you must have had a good place. Was Clinton convincing in her support?

Definitely. With having said that, the event was a total clusterfuck and horribly organized. It was an event with enourmous lines with tens of thousands of people, and no on, no one, knew what was going on. There were lines, but no one knew where they started or ended or if they were even pointing. Of the five or so cops and security guards I asked “Excuse me, can you tell me where I’m supposed to go?”, only one had a clue. The rally took place at the Amway arena…outside. There was not even close to sufficient room to accomodate all of the people there. Yet, to get to the Amway arena it was suggeted people park at the Citrus Bowl, an enourmous arena that was completely unused and empty that day.

There were many, many confused people that day. I fully expect whoever organized the whole thing to be finding a new job.

Thanks! The spot I was snapping from was pretty good. An old couple allowed me to take their spot on the edge of a shut off water fountain after they saw how frantically I was taking pictures. Afterwards I was given a five dollar bill that four different people had scrawled their email addresses onto so I could forward the pictures to them :D.

Clinton sounded…well, pissed. She was very convincing in sounding angry as she spoke about the Bush administration, Republicans, the war, and slightly so while screaming “If you made phone calls for me, I want you to go out there and make calls for BARACK!” . So kinda sorta. I’m guessing rivalrys like what they had don’t die easy, but she does seem to aknowledge that they are on the same team. Obama stood behind her most of the time with his arms crossed, which struck me as a body language no no, but as usual he was a very good and convincing speaker.