Ask the guy who just went to an Obama rally...

I went to the rally in Richmond, VA today. Ask away!

How many people were there? How long did it last? How much of the time was spent talking about issues, and how much time was spent talking about McCain?

Does Obama hang around and shake hands, or is he rushing off to the next event? Are people disappointed if he doesn’t have time for some personal contact?

Were there counter-protestors? Were there a lot of people there, or did it feel like they were straining for participants? Was there any media present? Any international media?

The Richmond Coliseum holds 13,000 people (this is conservative Richmond, VA, Capital of the Confederacy:eek:) and every seat was full. There was a delay of over an hour as they set up screens and speakers outside. I have not idea how many people there were outside.

He mentioned McCain twice; once to say that McCain called GWB’s tax cuts, which Obama will repeal “irresponsible” 4 years ago, and once to say McCain and Bush have dug a deep ditch for us to climb out of. Other than that it was about 45 minutes of positivity and talking about how we get out of this mess.

He came down and shook hands afterwards. I watched him for 10 minutes before realizing I was never going to get close and opting to leave.

There were no protestors in the arena. There were a few kooks outside with signs that made no sense. You could not decipher if they were pro/anti McCain/Obama. They were really a mess.

There was a box truck with OBAMANATION and giant graphic pictures of aborted fetuses circling the block. I took my 8 year old daughter, so I had to disctract her when they were coming. She didn’t see it.

Wow, classy.

That same truck was at the one in Ohio. I flipped it the bird, then immediately felt bad.

OBAMANATION from the context is clearly negative, but it could just as easily be positive. People from all over the country supporting Barack Obama, y’know?

The same guys (I guess) sit outside Planned Parenthood with 10’x20’ pictures of aborted fetuses. Unfortunately it is riht next to the most popular museum in the city, which is frequented by school groups. meh…:frowning:

It’s a play on ABOMINATION. But I have seen it used by supporters, too (not with the accompanying truck, of course).

Were the press there? Fox and the other networks?

The press were there in droves, but I was sitting directly to their left, and could not see who was who.

I DID see John Oliverof the Daily Show. Tune in and see what he has to say…

This was also Barack’s last campaign event before he flew to Hawaii to be with his ill grandmother, so the press probably wanted to gorge itself for the coming Obama famine.

They used to plant themselves in front of my pediatrician’s office. Once one offered to “get me some help” as I came out leading my two young children by their (non-dismembered) hands. Apparently they though there was an abortion provider somewhere in the medical complex.

Not quite. Barack will be Indianapolis. THAT will be the last stop before Hawaii.

I don’t wish pain on his grandma, but it would be cool if she could live long enough to see him win the election.

Was it AWESOME?!?!? :smiley:

Seriously, was Obama as charismatic as he’s made out to be? Did you learn anything that you didn’t know about him or his positions?

That is so interesting. Because most of what you see on the news, are the snippets of the candidates bashing each other. I am watching the news right now, CBS, and that is what is on, Obama at the rally talking about McCain. For those of us who don’t get to rallies, it really makes it seem like they spend a lot of time dissing their opponants.

like the red sox nation?

i’m glad you got to go to a rally. i just get to hang out at the headquarters.

Which headquarters? I was surprised to see our local organizer onstage doing introductions. He is a college kid who is doing some organizing. Cool for him.