Pictures of my new home

I’ve been in my condo for just under a month now and am fairly well settled in, though it took 4 appointments with those bastards at Charter to restore my internet and cable service (nobody even showed up for 2 of them :mad: )

But I finally took some pictures and put them online, and here they are in a Yahoo album.

I was a little surprised the picture labelled “The Throne” wasn’t taken in the bathroom.

A fireplace sure adds a warm touch, doesn’t it? Nice recumbent bike, too.

Lokks very nice, but as I’m sitting here freezing during the first snow storm of the year, all I can think is, “damn, that living room needs a rug!” Just the thought of cold hardwood floors under my feet is making me shiver! And the bedroom picture reminded me of a thread I’ve wanted to start about how many pillows people sleep with…I personally like four when I’m not sharing the bed, two when I am.

But I like the artwork, and the cat placement is perfect!

Dude, you have a cool TV.


Can I come to your new house and watch TV?

What? You couldn’t make the bed when company arrived (albeit electronically)? Sheesh!

Heh… But there isn’t a bathroom in Jim’s new condo (I’ll retract this if I see some evidence). Therefore, he has to use his nice cushy chair for that purpose. :eek:

Jim- what you call your throne, we call “The Daddy Chair” or “The Helm.” I’m digging your art in the hallway. It’s a real eye-catcher. Congrats on the new condo!

Two points:

  1. Your location says Wisconsin, yet there is greenery outdoors and this is December. Who do you think you’re foolin’?

  2. I noticed in Yahoo these were posted by “Yojimboguy”. When did you change your username (I’m very un-up-to-date, a thousand pardons)? I’d been wondering whatever became of you.

Come on now, every one knows that Madison is surrounded by a bubble. Of course the trees are alive!

I noticed the greenery too. My guess was he took the outside pictures before he moved in, maybe when he first saw the place?

I knew Yojimboguy had changed his name but I couldn’t remember what the new one was. Maybe it’ll stick in my brain now.

Out of curiosity, how much does a place in Wisconsin like that go for?

The exterior daytime shots are from several weeks ago. The interior shots are from Sunday night.

Actual photo evidence of toilet by demand of Seeker74.

I had a housewarming party Friday night, and the fireplace was a huge hit. If you look closely at the pic, you can see the teeny DVD player (with a teeny screen)sitting on top of the big TV. I used it to feed in the fireplace picture (on a looping DVD) to the big screen, while I used the multidisc changer in the media cabinet to play either CDs or Music DVDs. It gave my guests something to look at rather than an empty screen or a Toshiba logo screen saver, which is what my main player puts out as a video signal when used as a CD player.

I changed my user name nearly 2 years ago because of confusion with Yojimbo (I was Yojimboguy).

A place like that in Madison costs well over 100K.

I’m still debating rugs/carpeting. I really like the simplicity of wood floors, and cat barf management is much easier. My bedroom and office (well, designed as a second bedroom) floors are carpeted.

Don’t get me started on any or all of the 2(?)+ Billion women I’m not sleeping with… how many of you are there? However many there are, that’s exactly how many I’m not sleeping with. Maybe I should try buying more pillows.

Thanks for your and other comments about the artwork. It was an outrageous extravagance a few years ago at Madison’s Art Fair on the Square (it cost more than the TV, the big one).

There are two cats in 3 pictures. My cats are of course both perfect.