Pig-o-stat (For Babies!)

Look at this thing!

I guess there aren’t too many ways to keep a kid still during doctor visits. It looks awfully uncomfortable in there.

I’m surprised they didn’t try to fit me into one. It was practically a hobby of mine to throw temper tantrums and fits while at the doctor’s office. Especially if I figured out I was going to get a shot.

Wow. That looks medieval. It’s probably perfectly harmless, though.

Wanna get more flamed than a self-immolating Buddhist monk? Post that on any parenting board, noting what a great idea you think it is.

Are you trying to bring out the troll in me? :smiley:

Where the hell are that kid’s legs, and why the hell isn’t he screaming his head off?


fun stuff to keep the little monsters amused

Huh, they’re real. And this appears to be the source of the photo in the OP.

When I was a kid, sometimes I didn’t get the eye-dialating drop part of the eye exam, because my mother and four nurses together couldn’t hold me down for it. I’ll have to send that to my mom.

(By the way, although I used to draw hilarious pictures for my eye doctor of him with devil horns and a tail being hanged by dwarves and such, I refuse now as an adult to go to any other eye doctor. So I have to sit in the little chairs while I wait for my eye exams. They still have those illustrated Bibles, by the way.)

I can’t say I’d be in a hurry to be crammed inside the Pigg-O-Stat if I were a child. There is a forum at www.eljayxray.com with some tips on how to use it effectively though.

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