Pillsbury piecrust expiration

On the top of a box of Pillsbury premade piecrust, I noticed the note that the piecrust could be frozen for “up to two months.” The same note is on the pillsbury website. What could happen to something in a sealed bag, in the freezer that didn’t happen when it was initially frozen?



After more than a couple of months in the freezer it’ll get all crumbly and difficult to work with. Taste may also be adversely affected as well; even in plastic piecrust picks up odors and can be affected by freezer burn.

The piecrust is not sold frozen but in the refrigerator case, if I’m not mistaken. (That’s where we find ours.) You can put it in the freezer if you’re not going to use it right away.

It really does work best fresh, buy it, use it in a timely fashion.

your humble TubaDiva
who hasn’t made piecrust from scratch since the FatBoy starting selling this stuff.

Interesting. I bought some two weeks ago, and it was in the freezer section next to the ice cream and frozen cakes. I’ve seen it in the refrigerator cases in other stores though, so it makes me wonder what instuctions the stores are given for their displays.