Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon, and a minor nitpick.

This may qualify me for the “Stupidest SDMB Nitpick Award” but you gotta dream:

First the article:
Does the music in Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon coincide with the action of The Wizard of Oz?

Which states:

My liner notes (1992 Remastered CD) list Pink Floyd as the “Produced By” credit. And Alan Parsons as the Engineer.

Of course as the engineer, Alan Parsons would still have input on the timing of the album and whatnot but he was not the producer as reported. And, in fact, as a member of Pink Floyd, Waters was a producer for the album.

Why? Why would someone make such an obscure connection to begin with? Did they just say to themselves one day, “Hrmm…I am bored so I think I’m just going to pop in this video here and oh well let’s see…I can listen to this album at the same time…doot dee doo…Oh lookit this! They match!” I just don’t understand…

Excellent question, lilblupiggy, with a simple answer.