Pink Floyd/Wizard Of Oz Question

Most people have heard by now that the Pink Floyd album Darker Side of The Moon and the Oz movie supposedly are “in sync” with each other if you start the album on the third lion roar. What I want to know is who figured this out in the first place. I am not asking opinions on whether or not this little trick even works, I just want to know how someone knew to try this or if it was purely by accident…

The album is the Dark Side of the Moon…not Darker.

I know you don’t want opinions if this works or not but I have tried it and it does work.

As to who figured it our I’m not sure but consider the sort of mind altering things many people who listen to Floyd like to do. Being one of the most popular albums of all time I assume it was just a matter of time till someone stumbled across this.

FTR I heard an interview with David Gilmour about this and he flatly denied that this was intentional and knew nothing about it till it became a phenomenon years later. He did say, however, that if anyojne would have snuck something like this into an album it would have been Roger Waters.

These should be interesting to you


Put to the test by C K Dexter Haven about 3/4’s of the way down the page

Here’s what Pink Floyd has to say about it. Remember that this was in the days before home VCRs and the movie hadn’t been shown in the UK since before the band was born.