Pink Floyd+ the Wizard of Oz

Is there a link between the two?

please inform

Yes, If you play the movie and album at the same time, just when you realise you don’t want to listen to the album, you realise that you don’t want to watch the movie.

Apologies to Good News Week.

Didn’t Pink Floyd and Toto once play on the same bill?

Oh yeah! And Glinda the good which wore a PINK gown!

The connections are possitively eerie!

They line up pretty well. Some of the lyrics relate with the scenes (every once in a long while.) When the doors open up to see an Oz full of color, the music fits pretty darn well. And the ending heartbeat coincides with someone listening to the tin woodsman’s chest.

It’s all fun coincidence, of course. And it seems a lot more important when you’re stoned.

Your Quadell

Look in the Straigh Dope books. One of them discusses this.

Well, now you will get the real answer none of the others want you to know.

As you well know Pink Floyd is not the name of anyone in the band. It is a tribute name. Pink Floyd is the name of the munchkin that can be seen hanging himself from one of the trees in the forest. Watch the movie closely and you will see him.

You see many years ago, David Gilmore notice this man hanging himself during the filming of the movie. Now he had heard of “snuff films” but he did not know that someone had actually been filmed killing themselves in the Wizard of Oz. He began to research this heavily. He started searching the internet and urban legends home pages and found nothing. Then he knew that this was indeed true. He continued his search and finally found a surviving munchkin. He e-mailed this Oz cast member and asked him who that was that David had seen hanging himself. First the cast member tried to pretend that it did not happen, that it was a bird or something on the set, but eventually, he admitted that one of the cast had killed themselves. But why, David asked. It seems that Pink (yes that was his real name) had a number of issues, many found their ways into PF’s songs. His mother, building walls, isolation (Dark side of the money), etc. David found this very fascinating. Later when David and some others decided to form a group, they were sitting around trying to come up with a good name. They could not agree on using one of their names, and most of the other cool names had already been taken.

One day, while having a jam session and name discussion, one of the guys was watching Wizard of Oz on the VCR. He stopped the movie and asked “What was that?” and pointed to the figure in the tree. David then related the story of Pink. After the story ended, they decided that Pink Floyd would be a cool name for the band and would be a great tribute to this fallen but not forgotten man.

Many of the song related his sorrows and then they created an entire album to go along with the movie itself. It is a great tribute to Pink and I am glad that someone has remembered him in such a way.


I do hope the previous post was meant to be sarcastic… In case it was not, I will set the record straight on just two of the glaring inaccuracies. There seems to be little point in addressing anything beyond that.

  1. It is true that if you put Dark Side of the Moon in your CD player, (Tape or LP does not work as well, because of the obvious delay caused by flipping to side B.) And start playing it when the MGM lion roars for the 3rd time, the album coincides quite well with the movie. For example, the song Great Gig in the Sky plays as an excellent soundtrack to the twister sequence. And the song Money begins at exactly the same moment the movie switches to color. But as strange as this all may appear, the album was not engineered to syncronize with the film. It is all just coincidence.

  2. The name Pink Floyd comes from two blues guitar players from years ago. “Pink” Anderson and Floyd Council.

Shine on !

Sorry… Make that 3 items I will address in Mr. 777’s post.

David Gilmour was not involved in naming the band. He did not even become a member until years after the band was formed. He came onboard only after Syd Barrett could no longer function as a member due to his mental health and/or excessive drug use.


The entire post was done in fun. You should also note, that I said he did Internet research, even if there was some form of the Internet available back then it would not have been widely available. Same goes for e-mail. Also, I mentioned the use of a VCR. I am not sure when Pink Floyd was formed, but I am pretty sure it was before the widespread use of the VCR.

I just took the seeming connection to DSOTM and Wiz of Oz and combined them with the urban legend of the munchkin hanging himself.


And\OR excessive drug use? I don’t think there’s a question involved anywhere there. I still have to wonder about the mental state of the guy that played them at the same time. I’ve heard rumors that another Floyd album works together with a different movie. Anyone know if that’s true?

I’ve hear that if you start the album again at the cowardly lion’s third roar, it works. (I’ve tried this and it’s not as compelling the second time through.) I’ve also heard that starting PF’s next album (Wishing You Were Here?) after Dark Side finishes will work. (I haven’t tried that one.)

It’s all so clear now…there are bricks in the Wall and bricks in the Road…don’t Meddle in the affairs of witches…people on vacation say “Wish You Were Here” but then they say “There’s no place like home”…the ancient name of Munchkin Land was Umma Gumma…OZ is slang for “ounce” as in “ounce of weed” and marijuana was a staple for all Floydians at one time…if you say “Dark Side Of The Moon” backwards real fast it sounds kinda like “Surrender Dorothy”… oh, and on the album cover the light goes into the prism and then turns into many colors…
who can deny the connection? I can see it even with the CIA computer chip in my brain and the radio waves from Mars and all.

GILMORE, that’s what you think.
If you fast forward Gone With the Wind to two seconds before Sherman burns Atlanta and start the Beatles White Album, then at the end of side one rewind the video and restart and flip the record…
" two seconds before Sherman burns Atlanta" I AM sorry yall I had to stop and imagine for a few minutes my ownself.

Signitorily yours, Mr John
" Pardon me while I have a strange interlude."-Marx

Yes, TennHippie, see it all fits together now doesn’t it. It is all one big conspiracy. The others on the board do not want people to know the true background of Pink Floyd. David Gilmour started it all and he said pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

The truth is out there.


Another note, the song Echoes off of the album Meddle is supposed to coincide with the ending of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Your supposed to start it right before the title, “Jupiter and Beyond The Infinite” appears. I have tried this one and I don’t think it works too well, but I am also not really impressed with the Dark Side-Wizard Of Oz thing either.

Bennett Terwilliger

bterwill, what do you expect? Do you think it is easy to create meaningful songs for an entire album that coincide with a whole movie? Pink Floyd did an admirable job with what they had to work with.

Let’s see you do any better.


Perhaps you missed what I was saying.

I honestly don’t think they were trying to create anything to coincide with any movie in any of their work. I don’t believe that any of the coincidences are anything but that. For some reason or another someone found out that the two seem to fit together somewhat, I really don’t think that anyone in the band set out with the intention of making an album or song to coincide with a movie or part of one.

Bennett Terwilliger

A while back some friends and I were drunk and decided to try this. The problem was, while we had a copy of DSOTM, we didn’t have a copy of <IT>The Wizard of Oz</IT>. So we had to use what we did have, which was <IT> Raising Arizona</IT>.

Worked pretty well. But as I said, we were pretty drunk.

Dr. J

Bterwill, if you will read my earlier post (1st) you will see that there is indeed a connection and the band planned it.


I read your post earlier and it really proves nothing.