Comment on Dark Side of the Rainbow

The article is here. The article thoroughly debunks the theory that it Dark Side of the Moon is synched with the Wizard of Oz. It points out that many lines don’t sync, when, in fact, they do sync when you play the album a second time as the movie continues.

As a final note, do you think it’s a random coincidence that the line “Toto’s lying in the sunshine” could happen right when Toto’s lying in the sunshine in the movie?

That’s not the line. The first line of the second verse in the song Time is:

“Tired of lying in the sunshine, staying home to watch the rain.”

I’m not sure there’s anything to debunk. Many people have claimed that if you watch WofO and listen to DSotM at the same time, you get a trippy effect. Many people have tried watching and listening concurrently, and found that there is a trippy effect. I’ve only ever heard one person claim that the album was created to sync with the movie, and he was a complete loon. For most people, though, the music and the visuals complement each other, and it’s silly to claim that it “doesn’t work” because of a few instances when the lyrics could have supported the action, but they didn’t. The overall effect is still enjoyable.

The staffer being so adamant that they don’t synch seems to me like trying to “debunk” chocolate. You can explore the reasons why chocolate has the flavor and texture that it does, but what it comes down to is, most people like the taste of chocolate. And you can catalog the coincidences vs. the non-conicidences in DSotRainbow, but what it comes down to is, many people think it’s trippy. So be it.

But the staffer is not claiming that people don’t find a trippy effect. He says “So, in summary, as far as anybody can tell, no, Pink Floyd did not purposely record Dark Side of the Moon to synch up with The Wizard of Oz.” (bolding mine) The Staff Report is debunking the idea that the album and the movie intentionally synch.

As to whether they synch up enough to be “trippy”, he doesn’t think so, but that doesn’t mean no one else can find it “trippy” to watch the synchs.

Some friends and I tried this once. Except that we didn’t have a copy of The Wizard of Oz around, so we used Raising Arizona instead.

Worked surprisingly well.

Is there any movie which might be watched while listening to Dark Side of the Moon without a trippy effect? Maybe it’s just that the album is inherently trippy, and watching a movie with the sound off at the same time just enhances the effect.

I’m thinking anything you do while listening to Pink Floyd is going to send you on a totally groovy head trip, man. Dude, pass the Cheetos.

Well, that’s obviously crazy. The movie was created to sync with the album.

Dude, the universe was created to sync with the Cheetos. Shoehorn butterhorse.

Not really trippy, but more disturbing: Willow & the Evita soundtrack.

Of course for really really good coincidences: Wizard of Oz and Wizard of Oz soundtrack. It’s bizarre.

There’s at least one movie that doesn’t synch too well with DSotM: Dirty Harry. Although, with enough chemicals maybe there are those who might try to make the case.

[q]Maybe it’s just that the album is inherently trippy, and watching a movie with the sound off at the same time just enhances the effect.[/q]

Chronos is right. I tried watching it with Godzilla and it worked well, but not as well. I think all movies work to a certain extent, and Wizard of Oz works best, for two reasons:

  1. Coincidence
  2. People saw that it sort of matched, and said that you should start the album earlier than the actual start of the movie for a better sync.

Goodbye. I only created an account to post about this.

On the other hand, it might just be a desperate attempt to make *Dark Side of the Moon * vaguely interesting.