Pink Floyd lyrics question

The song: Another Brick in the Wall

Something is shouted during the helicopter sounds at the beginning of the song. Does anyone have any idea what the words are?

Do you mean when the headmaster (I think) is shouting?

I think he shouts something like, “You! You behind the benches! Stand still, laddy!”

At least, that’s what I hear.

Rather than “benches”, it could be “bike sheds”. Or “bandstand”.

I’ve watched the movie and listened to the tapes time and time again.It sounds like “Bike shed” to me too.BUT I could be wrong.


I always thought that he was saying bedstand. I always pictured little Pink hiding in the fetal position behind his nightstand. I figured they called a bedstand in England.

I believe that it is his teacher saying it so would make more sense if the scene took place at school but I figured his emotional past was sort of mixed together.

FYI, after doing a search of Pink Floyd The Wall “stand still laddy” there were numerous hits with most of them referencing bikestand as the lyric.

I didn’t post any cites because a) there were too many to choo-choo-choose from and read and b) I don’t know if any were official lyrics.

Do a search and you can find them yourself.

It’s “You, yes you behind the bikesheds, stand still, laddie!”

You know, this has bugged me for YEARS, and I kept forgetting to start a thread. Just learning “stand still laddie” helps, even though there’s some debate over “bikeshed”.

Rubystreak, unless that site has been personally endorsed and checked by Roger Water, I wouldn’t take what it says as scripture. I’ve found lots of wrong lyrics on the web. But “bikesheds” does sound correct, FWIW.

If you don’t eat your meat, you can’t have any pudding! How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?!

Actually, I believe it’s “Stand still with it.”