Pink moon.

I see that on April 15th we’re due for a “pink moon,” but the term seems to be used like “blue moon”—not actually colored. But years ago we saw a real pink moon. We live on the Gulf if that has anything to do with it, and down on the beach after dusk this one time, there was a pink moon shining. There were several people taking pictures, some with tripods as if they’d planned for the event. On the ride home the shaft of moonlight was pink on the bay. Very pretty, very unusual, but I didn’t see anything in the newspaper about it then and can’t find any info on it now. Does anybody know anything about “pink” moons?

Try here. It is a lunar eclipse. They occur roughly every six months, but are only visible from half the planet at a time. Pink moon is a new one on me. Red/yellow/brown maybe, but pink, no.

The moon is reddish during a total lunar eclipse. And yes, there will be one on April 15.

It can be pink (especially when its near the horizon ) due to dust storms, fire or volcano putting debris up into the air… for the same reasons the setting sun goes pink… The higher it is the thinner the atmosphere its light is traveling through, so it would have to be an intense pollution above you to make it pink high up.

But yes, predictions of pink/red colored moons a month ahead (or more…) should only be due to eclipse.

Thanks all for the information. Since the moon was just coming up that must be why it was pink. Wish I could remember the exact year so I’d know of any fire or something that would cause it to be that color. I think I’ll delve more into it locally, then.

Simple question - when you saw the pink moon rising, was it a full moon? A rising full moon can only happen at dusk - as the sun is setting. Only a full moon can be eclipsed. By rising I am assuming actually coming up over the horizon, rather than simply low in the sky. If it was simply low in the sky and rising, the question is still - was it full? If so it could well be an eclipse.

If the moon was rising well after sunset it could not be full, and could not be being eclipsed. In that case you are indeed left with questions of atmospheric dust or smoke.

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Yes Francis Vaughan, it was a full moon and it happened at dusk while we were at the beach. We left for home soon after, and it was still low on the horizon when I saw the pink moonlight on the bay. So I guess it was a “red” eclipse although it was as pink as cotton candy.

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??? Did the apocalypse already come and I missed it? That wiki page gives a detailed chart showing the exact viewing times of the eclipse in several different time zones – written entirely in the past tense! Are they still talking about the April 2014 eclipse or some previous one?


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