Pinkivee, stop thinking with your vagina.

That is a total misrepresentation of what Biden said (are you Republican?).

He is saying, when Obama is elected, his being black with be a significant historical and political achievement, not the reason for voting for him.

So why does than mean “troll” instead of “idiot”?

No I haven’t. That’s why I asked for examples. And what **Revtim **said. How does unintelligible rambing nonsense make one a troll? Idiocy can certainly be argued, but trolling isn’t the conclusion I would reach by reading the quoted post.

Again, if someone would like to provide cites for trolling, I’m open to making another decision.

As someone else said, the numbers have slid back toward Obama again.

In every election I’ve watched (since 1984), the same pattern has played out: big jump in the polls for the Democrats during the week after their convention, followed by a similar jump for the Republicans during the week following theirs. Personally, I think we should be looking for these people who switch back and forth based on pep rallies and start using them as an alternative fuel source.

Sorry to be a broken record guys, but what’s the fuss? Democrats and republicans are both funded by the same major sources, making this basically a puppet show. Anyone need cites?

Here’s an example, in regards to the 2008 Presidential elections:

gleaned from the site from a piece written by Alexandra Lewin, a doctoral student doing her dissertation on federal obesity policy.

Need more? This site has charts showing political contributions from different industries, how much, and proportion of contribution to each party. The proportions may differ slightly, but guess what? Industries are funding our elections, and therefore influencing the issues of focus as well as outcomes. Corporations, and not the people, are running the show.

In the past, I’ve posted the assertion that both major parties are bought and paid for by the same interests, and was met with “Cite?” so there it is. Since most of us watch TV, we’re inured to the corporate ownership and corporatization of almost every aspect of our lives because if you see it enough, it seems “normal”. Well, it’s not normal, and not exactly healthy to say the least. Every time I see a partisan argument, it makes me cringe. We are divided and conquered by those who would reap our earnings as well as our labor. :frowning:

But out of her hooha comes such gems as this:

That’s quite a vajayjay she’s got there.
I haven’t laughed like that for days. Yes, indeed, that Harpo sure wasn’t glib… considering he never spoke in the films!
It’s the best entertainment around, GD. Who knew?

For the past few years every new poster that isn’t liked, for any reason, is always labeled a troll.

Like a nice juicy Blackberry? :confused:

But he sure wasn’t not glib when he didn’t speak… you can’t not say that about none of the others! Somewhere else she describes Harpo as a "well known misogynist " because his character always chased women around. I’m hoping she meant the characters, but it’s unclear, and an insult to the real Harpo.

Ya’ll realize she hasn’t found the Pit section yet?

BTW…is it really true there is a McCain and/or Republican board that lists “liberal” sites to go to and join to just annoy people or pretend you are “one of them” and respond? Seriously, someone told me that and I am not sure if it is just another Urban Legend, but supposedly they get “McCain points” (whatever that is worth) if they go out and spread the word. Has to be an UL, right?

If that should be true, give me a few Republican sites where I can go and stir up their pot. Would be happy to get me some “Obama points” (get 20 and get a free bumper sticker!?). Plus, it could be fun to debate people who type really, really slowly on their McCain Blackberries.

This bit tickled me.

Yes, STFU!

That shows total ignorance of what was said (you have got to be a Democrat). Yes, his being black would be a transformative event in American politics, and therefore that’s one of the reasons for voting for him.

But back to the issue, tell Lynn Forester de Rothschild, member of the Democratic National Committee’s Platform Committee, who is going to endorse McCain today, that she’s really a Republican troll.

I’m under the impression that she doesn’t know the difference between the Marx Bros characters and themselves… Groucho glib? Funny as hell, snarky and witty, but glib? Only when in character (and not even always then).

Gotta love her alleged reasoning for backing McCain - that Obama’s too “elitist” for her.

Yep, when you’re a de Rothschild and have been down in the trenches fighting for the rights of the common woman/man, knocking back those boilermakers with Hillary Clinton, it’s just too much to have some fancy-pants intellectual snob like Obama take it all away. :dubious:

bit icky

the problem with thinking with your vagina is you end up being bloody minded every month

I think you’re misinterpreting this, to say the least. Corporations do not own our government. They donate money to candidates and elected officials so they can get favors from them later; the companies you mentioned donate to both sides because gasp they’re large, and they know that in some areas that they operate, Democrats will be elected, and in others, Republicans will. So they donate to both sides and make sure that no matter who’s in power, they still have a say.

Also, keep in mind that there are many individuals who’ve donated more money than those companies. Would you say that George Soros and William F. Buckley have ever run this country?

I’m trying to figure out where she got the idea that Harpo was a misogynist. It’s been a while since I read Harpo Speaks!, but I don’t remember anything in it (or anything else I’ve read about him) that would indicate that?

I thought of asking her for a cite, but realized that would be a waste of time.

Why should corps get anymore special favors then the average person? I’d rather my government was concerned more with keeping jobs in the economy then big deficit causing tax give aways to the rich, thank you.

Zero. Particularly compared to Chico, if you know where that nickname came from, or arguably to Groucho.

No he didn’t.

Never heard of the bitch, but from what I read, she sounds like a stuck up, racist snob, Good riddance.