Pinkivee, stop thinking with your vagina.

Click on the little blue arrow next to pinkyvee’s name in the OP quote.

That’s hawt…

I figure pinky’s gotta be a guy, since he obviously finds periods to be a complete mystery.

This is the original thread. My apologies for the oversight.

Thank you. A man does what a man’s gotta do. Am i right? High five!

And here I thought the cutesy nick and the little girl act had all of you fooled.

I shouldn’t be laughing at this. I really shouldn’t.

Therefore, I will share instead this bit of wisdom from elsenet whilst I collect myself…

“A woman candidate is not the same as a woman’s candidate.”

But then where do little trolls come from? Now I’m all confused. :frowning:

I think they bud, don’t they?

Either that, or new trolls are created when a troll is cut in half and prevented from coming back together, so both halves regenerate.

It’s fission like bacteria, mixed in with a bit of Conjugation to spread around the various TrollNA around the message board pools. It’s how some ordinary posters can suck them up and become Trolls too.

Hmm… now that I think about it, that’s more like prions and free-folding proteins.
This is a question that obviously merits further research.

That’d explain socks!

Forget about sex! You can just have sox! Fantastic! Now we’re getting somewhere!

Trollburgers: It’s the neverending meal!

I expect that any minute now the gargoyles will be taking over the cathedral. I plan on spending the majority of my time here in the Pit so that I won’t risk aneurysms due to having to wait until they get into the proper forum so that I may tell them what a vat of ignorant cuntage they are.

heaves heavy sigh, facepalms

See, whenever I open a thread like the one linked in the OP, I always wonder, “Why do you guys even engage her in discussion?” Even if she isn’t a troll, she’s obviously not bright enough for a debate, and she just keeps saying nothing over and over. It reads like a political discussion between an adult and a 14 year-old. I don’t understand what you hope to get out of it.

Also, pinky - capitalize and punctuate, ya stupid bitch! This isn’t a friggin’ chat room, and if you want people to even entertain the notion of taking you seriously, the first step is not to write like a Jonas Bros. fan. After that, you can work on your debating skills, though from what I’ve seen of you, I don’t have much hope for that course of action.

I think she’s simply a common idiot. I think her kind of “reasoning” is the bullshit that counts for most of the political choice making in this country, and maybe the world.

These Sexist-Based Attacks on female posters disguised as reasonable questions in the SDMB Pit must end. Its dragging down the level of discourse both here in The Pit as well as in American Politics in general.

Oh. Well… carry on then.

Help Stamp Out Issues of Mass Discussion In Our Lifetime

Our new friend pinky clearly isn’t intelligent enough to have actually written this, but I couldn’t help but have her in my mind as I read it, and as the tears of hysterical laughter rolled down my cheeks. Oh man, I can hardly breathe. ::SNORT::

Is there other evidence of her being a troll anywhere? I really can’t see how everyone has jumped to that conclusion because she changed her mind about who she is voting for. I have McCaniac in my location field, but that’s mostly because of a play on Caniac and the Hurricanes. I truly haven’t decided who I will be voting for in November. I think I’ve changed my mind about eleventy times about it. If I read the OP as sincere, then the replies in this thread are repugnant.

This person may well be a troll, but I’d like to see more evidence of such before coming to a conclusion.

You may continue your pileon now.

Have you actually read any of her posts? They’re unintelligible, rambling nonsense. I believe that’s where the troll label is coming from.

I think it’s because nobody around here really believes that there are Clintonite/feminist liberals who are so sensitive about thier preferred candidate/gender that they’d abandon their preferred political platform out of, essentially, spite.

I think that there are all sorts of people…but that’s not a compliment to the OP either.

Oh dear–the SO asked me what I was snickering about so of course I had to read him that whole thing out loud and if you think that’s easy, well just try it! :smiley:

You don’t think that it’s possible a feminist would get offended when a woman is called a “dingbat housewife”? When she perceives a woman has been directly insulted by a candidate? When she’s told that if she was a “real” feminist, she’d vote for Obama? There are a lot of single-issue voters out there, and I think it’s entirely conceivable that voting for a woman is more important than any other issue. Hell, Biden said the fact Obama’s black is a reason to vote for him, so it’s not like this is a surprise.