Pinkivee, stop thinking with your vagina.

In other words, you felt bad that men would be mean to a woman and you became a butt-hurt man-hating traitor that got swept in by the fresh republican vagina infusion named Palin which was calculated to do exactly that.

Congratulations on being a sheep. I am a woman* and I feel ashamed to share my gender with you.

ps: Hillary Clinton is not your 13 yo daughter, she’s a senator who’s done more than her fair share of “smearing”, whether via “viceous [sic] attack dogs” or “vurvurating splonge foodles”.

*technically not true

She is full of shit. A concern troll.

I don’t buy that she was ever a Democrat or Obama supporter. She’s a straight up right winger trying pose as a “disenfranchised” Dem.


Absolutely correct. The problem is not that she’s thinking with her vagina, it’s that she’s lying out her ass.

Yes. Whether she’s a professional shit-stirrer who is paid to sit in a cube and make trouble online with her false identity, or if she’s doing it pro bono because she thinks it’s fun (assuming she is, in fact, a she), she’s full of shit.

pinkyvee does not sound like a PUMA but the result is the same. Arguing with her is going to do you no good and only elevate your blood pressure. If you’re trying to convince her (in the other thread) to recapitulate and vote for Obama again, you’re going about it the wrong way. Probably the best way would have been to ignore her, but it’s too late for that now.

If you look around at the polls, both Gallup and Rassmussen, things are moving toward McCain. At this point it is no longer convention bounce. Sarah Palin has changed the dynamics of this election, like it or not.

You obviously stopped looking at these polls sometime last week. They are both moving toward Obama.

Not any more. McCain has been falling steadily for the last several days. Both the gallup and the Rasmussen are now withing a single point. Palin’s favorability has also been dropping like a turd in a well.

Today’s polls don’t even take the stock market collapse, McCain’s increasingly insane statements (“The economy is fabulous!” “I invented blackberries!”) or Palin’s decsion to stonewall her troopergate investigation into account.

Either way, it’s teh hawt.

I’ve been tempted to ask her what Democrats she has voted for in the past, but I’m afraid she’ll ignore all the tough questions.

That is so

pinkivee is THOUGHTFUL.

She’s probably a dude, dude.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

To be fair to pinkyvee, even if you look only at the SDMB, you don’t exactly have to dig to find attacks on Clinton and Palin that some people could interpret as being very unfair and perhaps sexist in some cases. (In Ferraro’s case, you’d have to stretch things very far.)

That said, the stuff she posted about Obama is illogical, inconsistent and she has failed to support it. I don’t know if she is a lifelong Democrat or not, but she’s pulling a lekatt and not backing up her statements.

Now I feel all dirty.

I wouldn’t worry about it, my son’s friends call me “dude”, it is not necessarily derisive.

Come on. Pinky is clearly a troll. Vaginas have nothing to do with it.

There’s a memo going around the right-wing: “When pretending to be a democrat, avoid posting in ALL CAPS, because that is a dead giveaway that you’re actually a wingnut. They’ve figured that one out.”

It’s obviously overcompensating.

Wow. I’ve read some quality put downs, but that’s just a thing of beauty and a joy forever. I would have been impressed by “butt-hurt man-hating traitor” but “vagina infusion” takes it to a whole 'nother level.

Nineteen replies and no link to the thread in question?