Pins in New Shirts

Whazzup wi’dat?

This morning I put on a new shirt. It was not a particularly nice shirt… just OK. I bought it for $9.99 (before discount!) at a department shirt.

But, before I could put it on, I pulled nine straight pins out of it!

Do the manufacturers pay people to put them there, or does a machine do it?


They are all placed by machine except for one. There’s one mean SOB at every shirt manufacturer that intentionally places the last one in some obscure spot you are almost guaranteed to miss, till you put on the shirt and stab yourself. Don’t even ask what they do with the pin first.

[sub]Just when you think you got all of 'em out. OUCH![/sub]


People actually put them in. At least at the factories I’ve been in.

The purpose? It helps them stay properly folded from the factory, to the manufacturer’s distribution center, to the store distribution center, to the store.

FWIW, at the retail store i work at, we don’t have pins. the shirts come to us pre-pressed into “folds” and have 4 small clips (two at the top, two holding the arms in place inside) that hold the folds together. even after the customers try the shirts on, it’s still very easy to see how they were originally folded and can be refolded by just about anyone. the pins are only there because of the evil pin-pusher-inner’s union, which has a stranglehold on the american retail industry and takes great joy in the placement of that last, crucial pin that dublos mentioned.

Sometimes I wonder, if you buy a really expensive shirt (like over $100), do they still riddle it with pins?

Yes. I’ve bought them at closeouts, and they are the same way as any other.