What are these tags that came with my shirt for?

For the first time ever the other week, I got myself a new suit! I even got a second sport coat, new shoes, and a new shirt and tie.

With the shirt, in a little baggie, were these little tags.

They have the brand of the shirt on them…and that’s it. What do I use them for? :confused:

They almost look like those tags that come with a packet of seeds so you know what’s growing where in your garden. If I plant my buttons will I grow myself a new shirt?

They look like collar stays.

Definitely collar stays. Will keep your collar nice and pointy.

Keep 'em.

Well, I’ve never noticed my collars not staying before, but what the Hell, I’ll use ‘em. On the other hand, I’ll never remember to remove them before laundering…but I’ll also just use a regular wash and dry, not dry-cleaning and pressing/ Hell, I won’t even iron it! The mens’ clothing store guy said it has the best no-wrinkle thing ever. Just hang it up after drying and good to go.

I don’t know how everyone else got your link to work, but I fixed it for you.
Collar stays are sometimes useful, sometimes useless. Depends on the shirt. I always buy Van Heusen wrinkle free dress shirts because they’re ridiculously easy to care for; I’ve never had to iron one… and the collars worked just fine with or without stays.

Poplin, seersucker, and other cotton-rich blends are trickier.

Well if they came with the shirt they’re just useless bits of plactic, IMHO. The ones the manufacturer put in are pretty flimsy, so I usually pick up an assortment package of real stays. They’re heavier, and come in several different lengths.

Also, they aren’t made to keep your collar (or more appropriately, your collar points) in place, but to maintain their shape, and to lay flat, without curling upward or inward.