Pirate Master - Ep. 1: "I Want That Treasure"

So … anybody else watching the premiere of Pirate Master tonight? I’m actually kind of twitchy with excitement about it, because I’ve gone – what, two whole weeks without a regular reality TV fix[sup]1[/sup], and I need some unscripted adventure in my life. I watched the TVGuide Channel preview over the weekend, and this show looks pretty good (whether or not it is awesome is yet to be determined, obviously). Avast, me hearties, and away we go![sup]2[/sup] Info about the show, from TVGuide.com:

Debut: Sixteen adventurers become modern-day pirates and search for $1 million in treasure. In the opener, the buccaneers row out to and board a massive sailing ship, and then undertake their first expedition. Cameron Daddo is the host.

For the uninitiated and/or un-Australian among us (including myself), a link to the host is here.

And additional information from Yahoo! TV:

This “Arrrrrr!”-rated new reality series from “Survivor” creator Mark Burnett pits 16 modern-day pirates against one another in a series of challenges on both land and sea, deciphering clues as they search for real gold coins that they can either take with them after the show or use to strike deals with other players. The player who claims the most riches becomes the captain of the 179-foot pirate ship where they live and sleep, assigning roles and chores to the other crew members, risking mutiny. Each episode climaxes at Pirate’s Court, where a player is “cut adrift” after discussion and debate. Ultimately, one player will win the booty worth $500,000, as well as the title of Pirate Master.

1 = Didn’t watch the American Idol finale because I didn’t care, so some of this is my own damn fault. Meh.
2 = Last attempt at pirate-speak from me, I think. I suck at accents.

I’m going to watch it, but I am getting the vibe from previews that this is going to be a cross between Survivor (good) and Big Brother/Real World (bad). Survivor usually manages a nice mix of personalities from meek to obnoxious. The people I have seen in previews for this show seem to all be “big personalities” designed to create conflict for conflicts sake.

I hope I’m wrong.

That’s a fairly good effort at the Penzance-Cornwall dialect, rockle. Keep at it, and soon you’ll be able to tell the difference between a galley and a galleon.

I’ll be taping the show tonight (I have a prior appointment to go off the deep end), so I may be a bit slow in commenting on the board about the show.

ETA in response to Lamar Mundane: Piracy is chock full of “big personalities,” so if they do the show right, that just might help.

I might check it out, if there’s nothing else on.

Thanks! I’ll do what I can. Doubt I’ll ever be the very model of a modern Major-General, though.

Edlyn and I will be watching. :slight_smile:

It’s on the Tivo list. It’s up against the end of a Dodger game tonight, so I’ll probably watch the first episode tomorrow.

Undecided. Am kind of a junkie for these shows, on the other hand, am maybe getting a touch bored, and dislike in principle the glorification of pirates. Will see what the night holds.

Will probably catch it tomorrow, am working tonight. We’ll see.

– IG

DVR. I’d never watch this thing live, but there isn’t a whole lot on these days. Next *Survivor *is when-- September or thereabouts? It also looks like *PM *won’t be in HiDef. :frowning:

Count me in.

I want to see the ship if nothing else. Although, if 176 feet is accurate, it sure isn’t massive.

I’m watching and lamenting my lack of rum. :frowning:

I think it would be funny if the “legend” wasn’t, in fact, true. Biggest practical joke on national TV.

Mr. Scientist/Exotic dancer seems to know his stuff. Besides having the most interesting “title”, of course.

OK, who thinks John the exotic scientist had his pirate outfit way before the show ever started?

John, we’ve seen Rob on Survivor. We’ve seen Rob on TAR. John, you’re no Rob.

What a putz.

I watched it. It was kind of fun just to look at the Pirate Ship and the Pirate Costumes, and to see the ways in which it is similar to Survivor, and the ways in which they pumped up the Pirate Gimmickry–using a dagger to vote, anyone?

On the other hand, while the visulal elements came across pretty well, the sound was spotty–this is due to poor reception on my end, not theirs. But it left me a little baffled as to a lot of what went on after they found the treasure and picked a pirate captain.

Emo-pirate sucked. Way too full of himself and, may I just note, “Scientist/Exotic Dancer”?! That translates to “Janitor in a urology lab/bachelorette party stripper”.

While I understand why they’d allow it in the context of this show, I can’t get behind any policy of allowing someone who’s “under the blot” to steal and hold hostage actual show property. He didn’t actually think that would WORK, did he?

WOW, yeah, John said YARRRRRRR! as a part of his vocabulary way before this show. Scientist/Exotic Dancer may be the best title ever on a reality show.

But now that you have voted off the guy that had both compasses in favor of the man that said, I’ll point you north tomorrow, it’s cloudy I’ll give you three days to wish the man with the instruments back.

I hope all these idiots rot in the Bermuda Triangle and become part of the legend. The world will not miss any of them. As a former member of the Coast Guard I never hoped for a ship to sink. Now I have.

That may possibly have been the worst show in the history of television. To be honest, it was difficult to believe it was legitimately a competition. I thought they were actors.