Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead man's Chest

Seems reasonable that Keith’d be asking for a lot of money. After all, it would be

(wait for it)

Blood money :wink:

(Someone had to say it)


Most people credit Johnny Depp for the success of the first film, but for my part, I think it’s clear that the screenplay was the best thing about it. Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio know exactly how to play action camp so that it’s engaging and funny, AND they have their pegs completely in line re: secondary character motivation, allegory, film and media precedents/homages, mythological and archetypal backgrounds for their character types…

Their commentary is one of my favorite parts of the DVD. They go from talking about Jack Sparrow’s relation to the Trickster archetype to calling the film “Raiders of the Lost Ark on the high seas” to discussing Commodore Norrington’s absolute ethics versus everyone else’s relative ethics. Those guys know what they’re doing, and it definitely shows.

Welcome to the Caribbean, love. As I understand it, the eytomology of “cannibal” is derived from the Caribs, the tribes indigenous to Cuba and Haiti whom the Caribbean was named after {and from whom Caliban in The Tempest also got his name}. No idea whether they did eat human flesh or not, but any complaints may be about five centuries too late, since I believe they were all exterminated anyway.

Amen. It’s really amazing that some people think that producing pure entertainment is easy. If it was easy, there would be a lot more high-quality pure entertainment out there. In a typical year, Hollywood doesn’t produce a single action-adventure film that will be remembered ten years later.

On another note, the fact that the actors get far more attention than the writers is an age-old truth.