Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead man's Chest

No I’m not kidding, it’s up on IMDB that their working on PotC 2 now and it is due out in 2006. Here’s the IMDB link. Looks like we’re going to see the return of my favorite pirate, Pintel. You know, the friend of the guy with the wooden eye. Why? I can’t imagine other than to placate fans. But he’s there.

And looks like there’s going to be some flashback as they’ve listed Stellan Stersgard as Bootstrap Bill. Not quite the casting I was expecting. But I suppose he can make it work.

Thoughts? Opinions?


That’s all I gots to say!

I went to school with Lee Arenberg, and he was an affable chap way back when.
I didn’t know he went into acting, and was quite surprized to see his name in the credits. Did a quick google search, and there he was. Ya never know where old friends turn up. He’s actually the second person I went to school with who has turned to acting. the other was a nice stoner-dude named Emilio Estevez. With his family background, tho, I guess he was a natural.

I read somewhere that Keith Richards had been cast as Jack Sparrow’s father, but I do not see his name in the cast listings. Maybe it was for PotC 3, which is also in production.

I never heard it as official, I only heard that Depp was encouraging the casting. So we’ll see if they might be keeping it under wraps or if it never came to fruition…

Doesn’t have to be a flashback. I always thought one of the plot holes was 'Where was Bootstrap Bill?

  1. He’s under the curse.
  2. They dump him over the side weighted down
  3. He can’t be killed.
  4. He hits bottom in the Caribbean (can’t be TOO deep)
  5. He walks to shore underwater

So it’s perfectly reasonable to assume that he’s out there somewhere…no longer under the curse and living some form of life.

If I had to guess, I’d say Richards would only be in it for a quick joke (since the plot seems to be more about Boostrap, Will’s dad, and Elizabeth’s dad will probably return as well), and doesn’t merit full credits at this early stage.

POTC was surprisingly fun. I’m looking forward to this.

Woooo!!! I can’t wait!!!

I wonder if the official release date will be September 19, 2006?

Yes, I’m looking forward to it too. In addition to Depp, they kept the same writers which was really, really important.

Oh yes it can. The Turks & Caicos Bank is about 50 to 70 feet deep – then you get to the wall, which drops off to at least several hundred feet. This is well below crush depth for normal people. But who knows how it would affect a zombie pirate?

I’m definitely looking forward to PotC2. I’ll raise a mug o’ grog hoping that it’s more fun than the first one!

Course he could have just untied himself on the way down and swan to the surface. Really, drowning is a stupid way to kill a zombie pirate.

I loved him in Wall Street!!

So is POTC 2 about The Resurrection? Easter? And what’s it have to do with Pirates of the Caribbean? :confused:
:wink: :smiley:

It’s on IMDB so it must be true.

A few months ago there was a notice on the IMDB news section that representatives of the natives of some Caribbean island were upset that the sequel depicts them as cannibals, which they claim is historically inaccurate. A Disney spokesperson responded that the cannibalism angle was integral to the plot of the sequel, and could not be avoided.

…But why is the rum gone?

Somebody had to say it.

Qued Spoiler

Caribbean island were upset that the sequel depicts them as cannibals, which they claim is historically inaccurate.

And Swashbuckling Zombie Pirates are? :rolleyes:
The Director did direct the Mexican, but we can forgive him that.

Wrong Estevez.

I heard that Richards hadn’t been confirmed, and they were just going to wing his participation–if he shows up that day (for presumably a cameo), then great. If not, well he is Keith Richards, so they aren’t going to depend too much on his participation.

If by several you mean about 70, then you’re correct. :slight_smile:

I was diving there just a year ago, and when I read your post I recalled that on the dive they mentioned that the wall went straight down for a mile and a half! Sure enough, this site says 7,000 feet deep. The trench is known as the Columbus Passage.

And even if it is, hey, we all know he only stays there for 20 minutes. In 1660.

I read on the IMDB message board that Keith Richards is asking for enormous amounts of money for a small cameo, so they’re thinking of 86’ing his part.