Pissed at my wife and she can't seem to understand why.

Well that’s good. I mean, not that you had a raging fight, but that she realizes “WTF was I thinking?!” is the only right answer here. The OP made it sound like you raised objections and she was lalalalaing them away.

Glad you talked it out, sorry it took a fight, and here’s hoping the two of you get away TOGETHER very soon. Grandma will love the extra time with the baby - or at least she better pretend to! :slight_smile:

Up until I unloaded and told her EXACTLY what I thought about the situation, that’s what I feel was happening. I was all :mad:, and she was all, “Well, it’s done now! I can’t do anything to change it, so you shouldn’t be mad at me, lalalalalala…”

Well, at least in my situation, the best is to let the anger go, gracefully accept the WTF was I thinking, and then figure out how to do the trip together. Hell, if grandma really wants to go and watch the kid, that may even be ok too.

good luck and it sounds like things are getting sorted.

I hope that you two can find something interesting for you to do.

And to that end, I’ll close this thread.