Pissed off again-rescue story

I’m fed up with assholes. I got a call this weekend from a co-worker. Her neighbor’s puppy is injured and they did nothing about it. They claim that the pup ran into the electric horse fence over a week ago and they did absolutely nothing about it. Here’s the list of their fuck-ups:

1: They own the mom dog that is not spayed

2: When the mom was giving birth, they spooked her and she ran off to have the rest of the litter in a berry bush

3: They didn’t really bother to look for the mom so my friend had to walk around with her dog until they found her.

4: They let one of the pups die because they never bothered to bring her to the vet when she was sick and listless.

5: They didn’t bring any of the pups to the vet. At all, ever.

6: They had no adoption policies at all. Just come and take one…

And now this. This 4 month old, skiddish, submissive lab has a 2 x 2 inch gash that is essentially an open wound. There is no fur, there is no dermis, I think it’s just muscle. And it smells. Bad. The edge of the wound is actually hardened. It makes me sick to look at it.

It smells like my border collie did when her cancerous tumors broke through the skin. Not only do I hurt for this animal, but the feelings of my other loss are fizzling up to the surface.

So, now the dog is here with me. I have to pony up the cash to pay for the vet, which I’m sure will require surgery to repair the damage. I have ZERO cash right now. My company owes me aver a year in salary at hte moment…My friend/co-worker has offered her last 50 dollars to pitch in, which is about 48 dollars more than I’ve got right now. Asshole owners aren’t willing to do a damn thing.

How the fuck can you look at an animal, clearly injured, and do nothing? Why have animals at all if you aren’t willing to take care of them? I’ve reported them to my favorite rescue association that I foster for, but in the grand scheme of things, nothing will happen to these people. Fuck them.

There are a couple of organisations out there that may be able to help. They provide financial assistance for such situations:


http://www.labmed.org/ (which is labrador retriever specific)

Try those two… and the best of luck…


Wow. Has anyone called animal control on these people? If not, I’d strongly advise it.