Pit Rules, Revisited

The following expressions should not be directed at other posters.

cunt and variants, e.g., cuntlapper
fuck you and variants, e.g., go fuck yourself, fuck off and die
suck/lick my dick/cock and variants

Why does this get a pass?

“I’d fuck them in the ass with your dick.”


Ever notice that “report this post” button?

We’ve discussed it off board. **Carol Stream **doesn’t like my answer. I’ve asked Ed for a ruling.


Those expressions are not to be leveled at other posters. As I recall, the mods have clarified that we can say those sorts of things to/about other people, and use fuck as a sexual verb in the Pit.

Who is the other poster it’s directed at? Looks to me like it’s directed at Congress people.

Here is the post: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?p=11376542#post11376542

Don’t be dense, it was directed at me.

Cool. Thanks for responding so quickly. I’m gonna wait patiently to see the results.

Really. Where did he call you a name? I’ve read the damn thing five times and still don’t see it.

on edit: I did just re-read it a sixth time…and I still laughed out loud.

He was answering you with his comment, yes. I do not see where that is “fuck you” or any variant therof. That is “fuck Congress”.

With my dick?

That isn’t “fuck you”; especially since you don’t have one.

Maybe you should read it a seventh time.
As a matter of fact, I just wrote letters to my Congresswoman/Senators and told them that if they didn’t raise your taxes, I’d fuck them in the ass with your dick.

That’s just NASTY.

Yes but it doesn’t violate the “fuck you” rule.



I doesn’t matter what I think anyway. :slight_smile:

Lucky, that. I’d told **Carol **half an hour earlier that I’d need to respond to further PMs in the morning because I was going to bed. Lucky I changed my mind, I guess. :slight_smile:

So, lemme get this straight–a total bullshit post about a letter that never existed to hypothetical members of Congress threatening them all with forcible anal rape using a dick you do not actually possess is what trips your light fantastic? Congrats, those sensitivity courses must be paying off bigtime!


As long as they use a condom I don’t see what the problem is

To my knowledge, The Pit has never had a “no nasty!” rule.

I agree with the general sentiment here – I don’t see any type of “fuck you” to you. The post gets a pass, IMO, because it doesn’t violate the rule.