Pitfalls of Running 2 Email Programs??

Would I have problems if I used Outlook and Mrs. Pegleg used Incredimail?
Can I copy my addys from Incredimail to Outlook?
Running PC 433mhz, 128M, Win Me., Cable modem.

If you’re getting mail from different e-mail servers, there’s no problem.

I’m not sure about address book compatibility, but Outlook had an export function (though I’m not sure if Outlook Express does).

you shouldn’t have a problem.

to copy addresses, look for an export address book option.

even if you use the same email server, there shouldn’t be any problem. but in this case, make sure that “leave email on server” is checked, so you can both access the same emails while using different email programs.

if you’re using different email accounts on the two different email programs, i don’t see any problems or conflicts arising.

just make sure you set the incoming mail server and outgoing smtp server settings correctly in both the email programs.