Pitting AK84

I couldn’t find another pit thread for him, so… fuck this guy. He spends the beginning of the Ukraine/Russia thread insisting Russia will sail to an easy victory, poo-pooing Ukraine’s chances to resist. Okay, that’s not really a huge deal – lots of people thought Russia would easily overwhelm Ukraine. But his arrogant posts continue, never acknowledging how wrong he was, and how dumb he was to be so damn confident.

@Alessan makes a pretty mild statement about the foolishness of using nukes, and AK84 responds with smug mockery, as if only he understands these deep, complex issues (despite how incredibly wrong he was about Russian capabilities):

Jesus. After being so fucking wrong for most of the thread, have some fucking humility. You don’t know what you’re talking about. You were massively wrong about Russia, and you still refuse to admit if.

Fuck off with your arrogant bullshit.

Indeed, he has a loooong history of dropping snide little one liners which hint at, but never actually show, his vast intellectual superiority. I stopped even attempting to engage, it would be like trying to argue with Trump.

I have never seen any sign whatsoever that AK84 has any idea of what humility is. If he comes to this thread, it’ll be to assert how much smarter he is than cretins like us. His createst contribution to the board is the rarity with which he posts.

Don’t worry - as soon as I post something, he’ll show up to contradict me.

I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one who had noticed this.

So probably he’s almost as smart as Einstein and Galileo, who never post here.

No he won’t.*

(*Now he has to agree with one of us.)

A dissenting voice in this thread; I’ve not found AK84 annoying, though I have not been closely following the Russia/Ukraine threads, mostly because of the combination of the schadenfreude and jingoism of some posters

It’s not just the Russia threads. AK is often (usually?) an insufferable and condescending asshat across a number of threads, covering a variety of topics.

Yep, snide, know-it-all remarks are par for the course.

You’re a genius! You realize, don’t you, this post is what’s keeping him from posting in this thread.

Since you usually have something interesting to say whether I agree with it or not.

…well played, AK. Well played.

Attitude aside, at least AK84 is capable of making useful and well-crafted arguments, unlike some of our other posters with attitude issues.*

I mean, they may still be wrong arguments**, but at least he sometimes makes the effort. Which I appreciate.

* Not a reference to anyone in this thread yet
** Or indeed not. Anything is possible. But this is a Pit thread so, you know, fuck that guy etc etc

Well now, there is a classic comment from a former KGB agent.

No idea what this means


I assume the poster’s handle is from this::

Nah, it must be from here

Here, AK discounts Ukrainian reports of Russian losses as “BS” without any evidence:

Maybe it’s BS, or maybe it’s mostly accurate – no way to really know at this point. Maybe, AK, you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, but you’re constitutionally incapable of recognizing that you might not be the smartest person in the room.

The Ottoman Islamic Sultanate was known for being fiendish (I assume that is the implication) so it is just fine for Erdogan to throw away a century of secular rule and be a scheming theocratic fiend again.


I also think it is a suspicious number, just because it is close to 1/5 of the total 10200 tanks Russia is supposed to possess. Possible. But pretty high.