Pitting an unhygienic workmate (lame)

I feel there is only one place for my workmate, she who feels that asking her to cover her fucking mouth while she hacks and coughs over the desk towards me is too much. She being the one who felt that after sandblasting her hands with germs from her lungs, then tearing a croissant in two with said hands and leaving half for unsuspecting co-workers, that I shouldn’t have objected and asked her to lift the other half to her desk.
Now that I have her cold, I guess I should help her understand my objections by displaying my nosepicking abilities or sneezing and coughing over the desk at her come Monday morning.

Her inability to show consideration to any of the rest of us is bad enough at the rest of times, she apparantly doesn’t have to answer any other phones in the office for example, no matter how up in our eyes in work the rest of us are. And of course everyone is out to steal her work so no instructions on how to carry out anything more complicated than filing should be kept to herself. Lets not mention the slatherings of fake tan you wear, so much so that you have an eraser on your desk left so that you can rub the dirty pink marks off the paperwork we’re supposed to be sending out to foriegn universities.

So please co-worker, accept from me, a heart felt fuck you to your paranoid, racist, unhygienic psyche…


Um, maybe. That one sort of snuck in, she’s probably not (no more than anyone else in Northern Ireland) but she’s annoying me now claiming she has a way of telling where anyone in Europe comes from, simply by looking at their facial features. Latest guess was a girl from Switzerland who came into the office, my work mate reckoned she’d guessed Swiss correctly because this girl was “blonde haired, blue eyed and beautiful.” The beautiful clinched it because Scandanavians are merely blonde haired and blue eyed :rolleyes:

I’d try and zone her out but we’re working in the same area (i.e. desks opposite each other and on the same projects in the office) so I have to listen to her blasting out her opinions of men, horoscopes, foreigners etc etc