Pitting Cecil Adams - the putz!

Volcano? IO thought it was an hourglass
Like the Sands of an hourglass, these are the days of our lives…

Ilsa, don’t be dense. Yes, Cecil is Ed Zotti (prove me wrong:)). But it is fun to have a mythical icon of smart-ass enlightenment.

Your next mission: give those phonies at www.northpole.com what-for.

Geez, I didn’t think anyone still had that cite handy. Tars wins–I’ve been unmasked. :slight_smile:

Then why does C.K. Dexter Haven steadfastly insist that he is a real person who enjoys these threads?

He is a real person: Ed Zotti.

I’m going to my bunker now in case the faithful start swarming.

What do you think the C stands for?

It actually stands for Chewbacca!

Has Ed always been Cecil? Why can’t we get a straight answer? This is the Straight Dope.

Is this supposed to be a parody thread or something?

Nope. I want a straight anser. Yeah, let me guess, I’m a fucking moron…

Answer, of course.

Train wreck in Forum 5!

Ahh, come on Michael. It’s not a trainwreck Yet!

All I wanna know is whether or not Cecil Adams is a real man.

Cecil Adams is real; it’s Slug Sigorino who’s a fake. :smiley:

I always thought he was a phony.:smiley:

If there were no Cecil Adams, men would invent one.

Fuckin’ MORONS!!

Just Ask Marilyn!

Pitting Cecil Himself? Wow, that’s got to be one of the better ways to get attention around here.

I like the volcano.

Why are you boneheads arguing with Ilsa?

He’s not REAL!

Shut up! I’m not talking to YOU. I’m talking to that wooden guy sitting on your leg.

I have met the person who created the Cecil persona. That person is real; Cecil is not.

Ilsa, I implore you to stop now before you disappear under mysterious circumstances only to reappear to our master as a talking fish.