Pitting Laziness, Procrastination, & Corner-Cutting

In my haste to pack and move, I seem to have busted permanently my bike trainer. It still works, but doesn’t hold in a position that allows for resistance. I know this is because I didn’t focus, move slow, and plan ahead when I was packing. I always do this. It sucks.

Pitting party over.

I just,… ah fuck it!

I certainly see laziness and corner-cutting in the OP, so if you also waiyed a while to tell us this, you certainly hit the trifecta.

Ws my grmr an splng wrng?

No, or at least not especially. The problem is you were too damn lazy to even bother to write a pitting worth reading. Try again. Or better yet, don’t bother. You’re not at all good at it.


Typically Pit threads are along the lines of “I hate that bastard who killed 20 people at his local church with a homemade bomb”…not “Oh darn, I’m out of toothpaste again!” or “Crap, I can’t find the sock that matches this one!”.

Yah. I’m not really that good at this forum. It’s pretty clear I can’t win.

And in every single one the pit will try to make the OP understand why it’s 100% the OP’s fault and they get no sympathy even if they pitted Hitler for killing their family, kicking their puppy, and pissing in their Wheaties.

Let me try…I’ve never started a pit thread, but I’ve read some really good ones.

Fuck me to tears. I didn’t bother to plan my fucking move and just tossed stuff in the back of my friend’s pickup. Of course, I was too stupid and lazy to box it properly and now that cheap crap is broken. I don’t care that much about the plastic battery operated sex toys, they are cheap. Its my goddamned bike trainer that hurts. That bitch was expensive and I need it to keep my ass looking good enough that I don’t need the sex toys.

FML, fuck moving and I hope my friend’s pickup dies in a fire because it damaged my trainer!
Any better?

I’d give that 7/10. Only 5 because it’s such a pitiful subject, but an extra 2 bonus points for making it amusing. The sex toys were a nice touch.

A 7! w00t!!!

Does a happy victory dance, arms pumping in the air.

Moving sucks. Breaking things sucks. Breaking things while moving just because one is too lazy to do it right makes things even worse. I’m guessing that the OP had plenty of time to plan and pack…but like me…he didn’t even think about it until the friend with the pickup showed up.

Well, then, listen for a while, then talk. I lurked here for a decade before I thought I’d paid my dues enough to start a thread (AND I waited until I had something important to say).

I’m betting if any of us go to a Knicks game, we’d watch for years and years before we run out on the court and grab the ball…

Given that the entire forum is now infested with corn-related titles and my thread is the only one that has corn in its title…and I did it earlier…I’m feeling pretty awesome.

I’m all ears, digs…There’s a kernel of truth here.

Nicely played, flatlined.

So this is YOUR fault?

Dear OP:
Clearly, hating baby corn is much different than this thread.
You are one ignorant bitch.

I love the fact that you used an ampersand instead of “and”. You, Corner-cutter, you.

Doesn’t the period go in the quotes? (I’m actually asking seriously.)

Now you’re getting the hang of it! Seriously, picking grammatical and spelling nits will have you fitting in just fine around here.

EDIT: As you would know of course, first-hand knowledge and all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Depends on which side of the sea you are, but you know what. I say you need puncutation in and out of the quotes.

You might ask “why?”. I ask is the preceding sentence a question of why or statement of you potentially asking it? It’s a statement wrapped around a question. Shouldn’t it be represented as such?