Pitting mah goddamn Saints!

Woooooooooo, boy! Did you guys see that play at the end of regular time? That was one hell of a play! Why the hell couldn’t they play like that in the other games? Ahh, well, good effort, guys.

And Carney had to fucking SHANK it! GODDAMN IT!

I know, I know, what can I ask from a team that lost to the Bengals last season? FUCK!

Didn’t watch the game, GMRyujin, but I just read the description of events on www.nfl.com.

Wow, that’s freakin’ unbelievable. I think you NO fans should investigate whether any of the local voodoo doctors are seriousily pissed at the Aints. :smiley:

But cheer up, the Saints can always get better. My beloved Colts finally did.

That was one of the most amazing endings to a football game I have seen in a long, long time.


Carney better be getting his own ride back to NO.


Hey I thought there was a rule about no joke teams in the pit…
Oh no joke THREADS carry on.

It was a great play, what a shame the kicker let them down…

And you know, I was sitting here, I’d just typed a “Wooo! Go Saints!” thread, and then I said, “Wait, this is the Saints we’re talking about, they’ll find a way to screw up the extra point.” And then they did. Sigh.

I was under the impression it was the holder’s fault…that the kicker had complained about the way he held it and was told something to the effect of “get over it”. Still a crappy ending after a great play.


(sorry couldn’t resist)

It’s better this way, really. If they had won and somehow managed to get into the playoffs, they probably would have been humiliated. Oh dear sweet sweet Jesus, I still have nightmares about their first playoff game against the Vikings.

I was at that game! Great game! Moss went for two long TDs. Aaron brooks looked lost. Ricky Williams was playing hurt. The Saints are welcome back here any time. :slight_smile:

That was maybe the single most amazing I have ever seen on an NFL field. The lateral play was amazing in and of itself, but the extra point was SOOOOOO badly missed. If you had put it in a script or story, anyone reading it would have laughed at you.

One thing that the announcers missed was that the lateral play never should have happened. After Stallworth caught the ball, Fernando Bryant (#25 for Jacksonville) had a clear shot to tackle him. Instead, he tried to wrestle the ball away from Stallworth. Stallworth kept the ball (temporarily) and was off and running.

But hey, cheer up, GMRyujin. You could be one of us Giants fans. We know a thing or two about blowing a season with the kicking game.

Hey, I feel for ya there man. I’m a Bears fan, and watching Paul Edinger out there today was just painful. Until he hit the game-winning field goal, that is. :smiley:

I remember the days when them staggering ass-backwards into the playoffs was a miracle in and of itself. Ah, well, at least if you’re gonna miss the playoffs, you do it in typical Saints, highly improbable style!

What hermann said.

Also, I wish teams would have some guts and go for 2 in that situation.

Well, let’s see a listing of problems here.

  1. During said game, Ricky Williams was not with the Saints. Ricky came in under Ditka. Thanks for making me mention him, I was trying to get rid of those memories.
  2. Aaron Brooks was not with the Saint’s. Bobby Herbert was Quarterback.
  3. The game was in New Orleans.

This was back in the Jim Morra days around 13+ years ago.
The Saints getting into the playoffs was treated as if Jesus had appeared on top of the Superdome. We later learned it was really Satan.

Anyone else remember the touchdown the Vickings made during the last seconds of the first half? At that point, everyone knew the game was going to be a rout.

You’re right. I completely forgot about that game. It was the strike year. I thought you were talking about 2000. I remember the Saints finishing with the second best record in the NFC but getting in as a wild card because they happened to finish behind the 49ers in the same division.

The Vikings backed in that year and were not supposed to do anything in the playoffs. I remember the Hail Mary at halftime against the Saints and I remember the Vikes going onto knock off Montana and the Niners at Candlestick. The Vikes then got crushed in the NFC Championship game to the Redskins.

Bad times, bad times, :frowning:

Don’t speak too soon… :slight_smile:

Watch out for them Wild Card Broncos!


Shut The Fuck Up.


A Lions Fan

(That’s the meanest thing I’ve ever said here!)

Since I’m not going to be able to sleep until I do this: I’m sorry. That was a harsh response. Please, understand, 24 straight road losses will make one a little cranky. The Ford family refusing to fire Matt Millen will make one downright irate.

Let’s see… It’s 4:23 EDT (EST?)… The Fords have 11 hours and 37 minutes to do the one thing that will please 98% of all Lions fans.

And another apology is due to you, GMRyujin; I’ve hijacked your thread.

See that’s why Lions can’t do anything right, if their fans don’t have the confidence to stand by their fantastically simple and insulting post, how can they have the confidence to overcome the force of history?

And yeah, I’d deifinitely have to blame the holder on this one.

And anyway, even if the Saints had made it, they still would have LOST in OT, because they were the INFERIOR team.