Pitting Second Stone and Stranger On A Train

Where are you?

One last time.:dubious:



From your lips to the ears of your choice of Gods. :rolleyes:

Thanks, s*.

Just ban this fuckwit already, willya? He’s going to keep posting his indecipherable bullshit until you do. Call it an act of mercy, like when Old Yeller got rabies.

You are my write-in candidate for chief mod.

But please let the pitted show up (one would do) before you close it.

Why the fuck should they show up? You haven’t stated why you’re pitting them. Past experience shows that you probably won’t. You’ll just post random bullshit, attention whoring for your own perverse amusement. If you start a thread, you need to bring some fucking content…content that makes some kind of sense…or just don’t start the fucking thread in the first place.

Explain why they are being pitted.

G* only knows.

They know why I’m pitting them. Stay out of it, please.

While you’re at it chief mod, add BrainG* to the titular usual suspects.

He/she is this lawyer turned librarian with a bunch of suggestions for positive thinking.


So let me get this straight–your OP links to a thread that has neither SS or SoaT in attendance, the OP of which is another link to another thread which also doesn’t feature SS or SoaT in attendance.

We’re not mind-readers, shithead.

Don’t reply to this thread. It just encourages him.
ETA: D’oh!

And SS and SoaT probably aren’t mind-readers either, I’d bet.

Fuck off asshole, this is a public message board.

ETA: If you wanted to discuss this without interference you should have PM’d them. I’ll be glad when the banhammer falls.

They know.

If none show up, I’ll put this OP anywhere else.


Check your ego at the door, pull up a chair and listen.

Guys, guys, I know he gave you the setup – don’t go for it.

I suggest that you go out and buy a 4x6" lined paper notepad, and write the OP there. And then bury the pad at the bottom of your sock drawer. And then you should possibly set fire to the sock drawer - though honestly that part’s not strictly necessary.

And descamisado, why not? If he wants to prostrate himself for my amusement, must I refrain from pointing and laughing?

And of course if he ever got around to actually saying anything coherent, he has as much a right to do so as anyone else. Though at this point I’m not holding my breath.

Well, I doubt it would fit there, anyway, unless he’s a medical oddity.

Nevermind. I’m much too slow on my iPhone.

Actually, you WON’T put it anywhere else. Just try. A friendly suggestion from a Moderator, me.

samclem Moderator.