Pitting UltraVires

[nods head in fervent agreement]

As was so sagaciously said in “Ghostbusters:”

Generally you don’t see that kind of behavior in a major appliance.

I don’t know this poster, but bad faith would likely be the best case scenario.


Fitting behavior given the subject of the thread. Has it happened at least four times?

His comment about why the Constitution doesn’t require the government to supply an All-star, dream team of attorneys because OJ Simpson can afford one really bothers me in a way that I can’t quite articulate, and can’t quite formulate a response to.

He’s upset that his clients get shitty representation by a guy who doesn’t believe in many of the fundamental rights of criminal defendants under our Constitution. He also, for some reason, blames the rather liberal Warren court for “draconian” penalties that state and federal legislatures have enacted.

Possibly because he has falsely represented the basis for the holding in Gideon. It’s not about “rich people” therefore “poor people” but rather substantive access to a fundamental right afforded by the Constitution, particularly in light of the complexity of the legal system. He either knows this and is lying (should be banned), or should be disbarred for negligent (or worse) practice of the law.

So he can either practice law or he can post on the SDMB. He can’t do both, and then again maybe he shouldn’t do either.

And then asking how that could be a problem in ATMB.

And, yes, I went ahead and responded. Because I genuinely think he might actually be that clueless, and not have just been trolling.

I wonder if the reproductive habits of seahorses would make UltraVires’ head literally explode

Hmm, I wonder if ‘What I meant was…’ works in the courts UV ‘’‘practices’’’ in?

I was reluctant to do it, because occasionally UV has useful information in various fields, but after the last 3 days or so of posts, over a multitude of threads, I just can’t take the bullshit anymore. The goalpost moving, the ‘don’t judge me by what I said, you should have known what I meant’ another, the absolute asshat certainty that he and his are perfect, the casual disrespect for anyone else’s feelings or common decency. It’s enough. A well earned ignore to him.

For the few that are left that are willing to argue with the shitstain, more power to you.

I just hope that the excess of the last 3 days shows that he’s about to flame out into a singularity of such inexcusable shittiness that he gets a well-earned ban.

I ignored him a few days ago. He’s my one and only on that list.

My understanding, based on the recent spat of ATMB threads, is that he simply rejects the notion that kindness is a virtue. There is absolutely no reason to consider, let alone practice, empathy on these boards.

And THAT is the kind interpretation. At this point he’s either a helpless narcissist, an ignorant moron, or a malicious troll.

You may be correct. That might be his exact position. Which means he’s also too stupid to realize there is a wide gap between rejecting “the notion that kindness is a virtue” and concluding “[t]here is absolutely no reason to consider, let alone practice, empathy…” here or anywhere else.

There are great many things that are not virtuous that one might nevertheless do at of pure self-interest.

But it’s not just that he is unkind to people on the boards. I don’t consider myself kind either. It’s that he’s also just not very bright and has gotten bogged down in some pretty abhorrent positions. The “banality of evil” applies to the non-famous as well as to the infamous. More so, perhaps.

This gives me a bittersweet smile, remembering Opal’s admonition that a list can’t have fewer than three items.

Certainly ONE item is out of the question.

Miss you, Opal.

So if I’ve got two people blocked, I should block Opal because she’d want me to. Sounds logical!

Now, what can I do to honor TubaDiva as well? And Jonathan… damn, the list gets too long. I think a wee dram of Ol’ Finnerty’s Single Malt, at noon on a Sunday, should cover 'em all.

That shouldn’t be necessary. You can always just have an Ignore roster with no names on it at all, just awaiting the need for entries.

UV is getting downright biblical (old testament, even):

She’ll either get a witness and be believed, or she must be making it up!

Ah, yes. The fake apology. You might not appreciate the pit, but the pit appreciates you. You are a major source of content. All the same, if losing you means losing this pit thread, I think we’ll get by well enough. It’s a sacrifice I think we’d all be willing to make.

Would that your flounce had not flopped.

Meh. He’ll go away soon. Once people realize its a waste of time trying to get him to actually debate and realize his schtick of pretending to be a martyred conservative pilloried by “woke” liberals is just another tired lie he tells himself, he’ll stop getting the attention he so desperately craves and he’ll throw a fit and disappear.

Is that what happened to Octopus?

Are you sure? My experience is that no matter how transparently a poster is spouting ignorant comments, there are a LOT of people here who just can’t help engaging them, over and over…

Why do you think those middle school bullies stay? Our chains are easy to jerk… by jerks.