Pittsburgh Pirates fans - help me ID these signatures

Many years ago my aunt knew a sportswriter, who got a ball passed around the Pirate clubhouse. We think this was about 1961 because of one of the players who was there. Roberto Clemente is clearly on the ball.

Can you tell me who else is on this ball? We know a lot of them, but I won’t prejudice you by telling you what we think they are. We’d like to know so that we can put in full details if we sell it. Thanks.

In #1, that’s Hal Smith in light blue, and Smoky Burgess underneath. # 2 is Bob Friend and Harvey Haddix.

Are these really hard for you to decipher?

4 is Danny Murtaugh, with Dick Groat underneath

This ball must be from 1961, as Bobby Shantz’s autograph is clearly on Image 3. Shantz did not play for the Pirates in 1960, but did in 1961, and we know from the other names that it had to be one of those two years.

That’s somewhat unfortunate as a 1960 ball would, for obvious reasons, be more valuable.

Joe Christopher
Tom Sturdivant
Hal Smith
Smokey Burgess
Bob Friend
Harvey Haddix
Bobby Shantz
Danny Murtaugh
Dick Groat
Bill Mazeroski
Bill Virdon
Roberto Clemente (picture 5)

I could probably get more, but they are faded or flashed out.

If it’s legit, an estimated value is somewhere between $550-850 depending on condition. Keep in mind that it’s only an estimate, it’s only really worth what someone will pay for it if you were to try to sell it.

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