Pittsburgh's "Miracle Patty" found in Puerto Rico

Disappeared in 1992. I (and everyone else) frequently saw her wandering around downtown, muttering “The world will end…go inside for three days…” Her absence was noted, but the consensus was that someone must have had her committed. Sorry to hear that she was unaccounted for for so long, but glad to hear she eventually got adequate care.

Made all the papers and newscasts back home this week. Not much more information than there is in that report, of course, the privacy laws limit how much can be divulged w/o the family’s consent.

The mind is fascinating… in whatever her initial condition, one thing she knew was that she wanted to move to Puerto Rico… so she did.

Sad for the relatives that only late upon onset of dementia she began to let slip information that could be verified and connected, so they may not have “her” back, but a relief to know she did get care.