Pizza Hut charges a DOLLAR for "lite sauce".

A whole sawbuck to put LESS sauce on the pizza. Is that not completely ridiculous? Ugh.

Are you sure “lite sauce” means less sauce, and not some special low-cal sauce with less sugar?

A dollar bill is a buck. A ten dollar bill is a sawbuck.

Good to know, Jake!

Update: this was on the website, and I called the actual physical location near us to complain, and was told by the manager this must be a glitch on the website, because they don’t charge extra for light sauce (or for extra sauce, for that matter ::shudder::).

Wait: is it a complete coincidence that there is a Pizza Hut ad right up there now, under my OP? LOL

no its not. i got Dominos.

Sorry if that was abrupt. I wasn’t trying to be dickish about it. As far as charging for prep as opposed to charging for ingredients, yeah that’s not cool at all. It would be like charging extra for a rare steak.

Frankly, I wish pizza places would group their ingredients rather than having a single price for everything. Green peppers, onions and mushrooms are a lot cheaper than sausage, pepperoni or artichoke hearts, for instance. Also, when you order multiple ingredients, you usually get less of each one.

Pizza used to be a cheap and easy dinner. A large these days with three ingredients and delivery charge plus tip is $25! The national chains have been price battling for a couple of years now, but that hasn’t always been the case. When I first moved to this city seven years ago, I ordered a large Supreme from Pizza Hut because I didn’t know where to order a decent pie from. It was over $20 for a 14" pie, before tip! Nobody can honestly tell me that 14" is a large pie.

I know ingredient prices have gone up over the years, but it seems like pizzerias are making higher margins with lower overhead than actual sit down restaurants, so I’m mostly done with pizza that doesn’t come from a grocer’s freezer. Which has incidentally seen a substancial incease in quality during the same time period.

Anyway, there’s my less abrupt and more verbose answer. Also, I would guess that the “glitch” has been reported many times, and the numbers say that way more people just accept it than those who call to question or complain about it.

You can make your own for a fin.

Trader Joe’s pizza dough: $1.29
Hormel pepperoni: $2.50
Tomato paste: 79¢

As both a non-meat eater and someone who usually just gets either olives and mushrooms (sometimes both) on a pizza, I totally agree, but am not holding my breath that your sensible suggestion will be implemented anytime soon…

There was a local place here that had pepperoni pizzas on special for $6.99 for a couple of years running. I would always tell the guy behind the counter that I don’t eat meat, and they would always offer to sub a veggie topping (olives, onions, peppers, etc.) in lieu of the pepperoni; One day I went in to order and the kid working (actually a surly 20 year old) tells me that ONLY the pepperoni pies are $6.99, any other one topping pizza is $9.99. No big deal, I tell him to leave off the pepperoni, and I will just have a cheese pizza. He tells me the cheese pizza is $8.99…:smack:

Jake, I wasn’t offended by your original terse answer (nor by your subsequent more verbose one for that matter), no worries.

I agree about the price of ingredients, btw. I tend to be very concerned with getting the best value when I buy things, and I’ve found myself thinking something like mushroom and onions would make a good pizza, but backing off because of a perception that it’s not “worth” the cost of two toppings for those.

MPB, your story is maddening but sadly typical. The other day I bought a couple items at the supermarket and found myself four cents short of the total. Then I remembered: they give a nickel credit for each bag you supply yourself, rather than using theirs. So I said “I can just carry these out with no bag–can you give me that nickel credit?” I was told no, since I didn’t actually have a bag with me. I figured this teenager didn’t know crap, so I asked the manager, and got the same answer. When I asked why, he admitted that he didn’t really know why, but it was “policy”. Gaaahhh.

I agree that pizza prices are already pretty ridiculous. To try and charge you more for a prep step that requires less sauce is silly.

I am a huge fan of going down the local grocery store and picking up a fresh made take-and-bake, and the quality is usually better than something Pizza Hut would make anyway. I’m intensely jealous of the people who have Papa Murphey’s in their area; they have awesome pizzas at great rates. You can even call them in ahead of time and they’ll be ready by the time you get there to pick them up. Very convenient.

The only bad part about baking my own pizza is that I can never wait for it to cool and always end up burning the roof of my mouth… and even then I still can’t stop so it just gets worse and worse.

You forgot cheese, and plain tomato paste is bland!

Definitely. Besides, I make my own dough from scratch (flour, yeast, oil, salt, and tap water). And it only takes a small amount of sauce. Often I make my own sauce from scratch like my Nonna used to make. The biggest expense is the cheese, which is usually on sale at Giant anyway. Eminently economical.

If you’re making your own, who would buy pizza dough? Enough flour to make a pizza base costs pennies, and the rest is water (free, give or take) and a bit of oil.

Top tip - cook the base in a big, hot ovenproof frying pan for three or four minutes while you make up the topping, then stick the whole lot in the oven. Gives it a lovely stone-baked flavour.

Yeah, I forgot. i was in too much of a hurry to get the fin gag out.

And yeast. It’s time-consuming though, if you don’t have a mixer. My homemade dough is better than Trader Joe’s; but for a buck-twennynine I’ll save the time.

if I had a stand mixer it might be different, but I live in a small apartment and the lack of counter space in the kitchen would make kneading out dough a messy pain in the ass.

Well, it looks like piazza hut doesn’t actually do this, but I don’t think it would be too weird if they did. The idea would be that it is more difficult to make a piazza differently than J’s standard, so you get to pay for the privilege. I used to eat lunch at a chine place with combos involving soup and an entree. You could substitute the soup for another kind for a dollar more even though both soups cost the same amount if ordered separately.

Every pizza place I have ever known in my life would do this. Chains and mom and pops.

My douche Pizza Hut experience happened when I was working there as a delivery boy. Our store and a few others were bought out by some basketball player. We never found out who but about a week or two after we heard the news all the prices went up a dollar. Everything went up a dollar, soda, salad, bread sticks and all pizzas. Also we were getting paid for our milage, a couple of bucks a night, and that was dropped and a delivery fee was added. $.50 I believe.

That pissed off a lot of customers. Within the next couple of weeks I took a delivery to this guy and he was in a fightin’ mood and got in my face and was yelling at me that the delivery fee was extortion or some shit and he wasn’t going to pay it. I said fine and left and told my manager that I was $.50 short because of the guy and he said not to worry about it and that quite a few drivers were experiencing the same thing.

The other day I was going to get a pizza from Domino’s (not my favorite, but there’s one just 2 blocks away so they deliver to me inside 20 minutes) and they had an online coupon for a medium pizza with any toppings for $9.99.

So I clicked on it and when I got to the “add toppings” page I just checked all of the boxes; I got everything on this thing, even the expensive “premium” toppings like chicken and “Philly Steak”. I fully expected them to call me and say, “We can’t do that,” but 20 minutes after I sent in the order, a Domino’s delivery guy shows up at my door with this ridiculous pizza that I swear weighed 10 pounds.

Yeah, I’ve worked crappy retail jobs where I had to do petty crap like that. Like the convenience store where management was obsesed with keeping track of and charging for every single cup. Literly every cup. :mad: Somebody got coffee and used two cups instead of a sleave, full price for both cups. Somebody get’s a bottle of Snapple or an energy drink and takes one of the fountain cups, full price for that cup.

Oy, how I hated dealing the the 1/3rd of our customers who realized I rang them up for those cups without saying a word (we did have signs up). I’m so glad I don’t have to work in that hell hole. Shortly before I left we actually had a sinkhole open up in front of the store. :wink: It was like Hell was literly trying to swallow up the place. I still refuse to set foot in that chain.