Pizza Hut feeds 4 children for 1 dollar

Not my kids of course, but with my dollar!

In checking out of Pizza Hut and Dominos online ordering pages, they both beg for money. I think it’s kind of shitty, but not strongly enough for a full-pit-rant.

At PH, before I click my order button, there’s an option to feed 4 children for 1 dollar if I want to add it. What the hell are you feeding these kids? Would my kids eat it? 'Cause I’m paying $40 + for a family 3 tonight!

And Dominos wants me to end childhood cancer or something, I forget. No, I don’t like childhood cancer, but neither do I like being prompted for donations just because my wallet’s out.

We donate a lot of money to 4 different causes in the course of a year. College education kind of money. Now that Jr. has started UGA this year, we may have to change some things around.

My point is, I donate to charity, and I hate being prodded out of nowhere for money, and made to feel bad if I don’t participate. Yes, I know THEY don’t make me feel bad, but I do anyway.


While I fully agree with your main point (it really sucks to get hit up for $$$ every other time I am in a checkout line, all so the company can later trumpet how much “they” raised for charity) I would love to know exactly WTF you ordered for 3 people to rack up a $40+ bill at a friggin’ Pizza Hut?

Yeah that was my though too - aren’t the pizza’s at PH all like $10 now?

Why do you hate children with cancer so much? What kind of heartless person are you?

I don’t know what the OP ordered, but:

2 pizzas - $20-24
2-liter soda - $3
Breadsticks or wings or dessert - $6
Tax - $3-4
“Delivery Fee” - $1-2
Actual Tip - $5
Total - $38-44

It adds up damn quick even for a reasonable amount of food. When I order for myself it’s rarely less than $25, though admittedly that lasts me for 2 or 3 meals.

Half Pan Tuscani Meaty Marinara
Breadsticks (5 pieces sauce is not included)
Half Pan Tuscani Meaty Marinara

Any Pizza Any Size $10.00 - No Duplicate Toppings

14 Count Mild Buffalo Wings with Ranch
Delivery Charge
Sales Tax
Final Order Total
Total does not include tip. Please remember
to show your appreciation to your driver.

Full disclosure, lil’ Ducati will take 2-3 days to eat all that pasta.
Yep, $1.08 worth of pasta noodles and sauce for $13. Og bless America.

Not having to clean the spaghetti pot and sauce pot? Priceless! :smiley: