Pizzaq. What? Were? Why? and 2nd choice

I live in Phoenix AZ, no real authentic pizza here that I know of. Plus I live in a very rural area that does not have delivery yet…

What kind I like is pepperoni and jalapeno ( I live in the south west) and the crust depends were AI get it from.

My foverite place is Luna pizza, really thin and crispy great people and great taste.

Why? Its phoenix, I dont know any better

2nd choice? Pizza hut deep dish, its what I grew up on and its realiable.

What about you/

No delivery here either.

My Wife and I will sometimes hit the bar in town and get one. Pepperoni, jalapenos, artichoke hearts, green olive and onion is pretty much our standard.

I live in pizza heaven.

My favorite pizza place in the area (Mimi’s on Lexington and 84th) doesn’t deliver to my apartment so I have to make a pilgrimage. I usually get a slice of plain and a slice of pepperoni.

If I want a standard pizza delivered I’ll order from Anna Maria’s on 1st and 83rd and if I want a more cheesy sloppy pizza I’ll order from Italian Village on 1st betw 79th and 80th. Italian Village usually gets the nod. While Anna Maria’s pizza is serviceable, their entrees are excellent.

Those are my three mainstays. Pintaile’s on York has good gourmet-ish thin whole wheat crust pizza with fresh toppings but it’s too expensive to be a regular thing. There are a bunch of other places around that have OK pizza but nothing to write home about. Totonno’s is another gourmet place I like.

I used to go to Joe’s in the village or John’s down Bleeker but I don’t get down that way much anymore. I usually hit Pronto Pizza when I’m shopping on 48th st or Ray Bari when I’m near one and feeling the urge. Both are pretty cheesy.

We have delivery pizza here (several places, actually, but all chains). But none of the delivery pizza is any better than Freschetta frozen pizza (I doctor it with extra cheese and other toppings), and the Freschetta costs less than half as much. The only time I order pizza is when I’m really exhausted and cannot even stand the idea of cooking a frozen pizza. Then I’ll order from Papa John’s (thin crust; one with extra cheese and pineapple, one with pepperoni; this gives us leftovers for breakfast).

However, there’s an excellent pizza place a few miles up the road. Puccini’s Wood Fired pizza. Oh, man, their thin crust is so thin, and flaky, and wood-fired, and mmmmmmm. They also make an excellent hot crab dip which, instead of serving with toasted bread rounds like everyone else, they just serve with a pizza crust, wood-fired and cut into wedges.

That would be Joe’s at the corner of Bleeker and Carmine, not Famous Joe’s at 7 Carmine. Although Famous Joe’s looks like it’s worth a try. :slight_smile:

My first choice is any of the local shops owned by the Greek family. They are in a few of the towns around here but unfortunately the one right around the corner from home closed down.

Pizza Hut and Domino’s are the only chains and I’ve only had the former, which is my next choice after the Greek family ones.

There is a “New York style” place but I don’t like the thin floury crust so much.

Here in Asheville there’s a place called Marco’s, which apparently has a national following. I went there about a decade ago and was unimpressed, but after many people urged me to go back (including folks here on the Dope, who think Marco’s is some of the best pizza around), I went back there about two weeks ago.

Meh. I mean, wood-fired, sure, fresh mozzarella, yum, very simple sauce, pretty tasty. But the crust was so thin in the middle that it got super-soggy and gross. And there was way too much cheese for my taste. And the sauce was daubed in little tablespoons on top of the cheese, which was just weird.

Compare that to Asheville Pizza Company, which makes a superior pizza with a normally-thick crust that stays crunchy, a spicy sauce, and a regular cheese mixture. They serve pizza with their in-house brews which are probably my favorite beers in the world.

I’m loyal.


My favorite pizza place, which I talk about some upthread, used to be Uncle Tucker’s Wood Fired Pizza and Brew House. Yep. Microbrewery right there. In fact, you could get a “sampler” which consisted of five 4oz glasses of the best five microbrews of the night. It was only $5.00 for a sampler. How could you go wrong?? I would always order a Sampler and pizza (oh, man, they had a pizza called The Marylander; instead of tomato sauce, it had a crab sauce, kinda like a thinned-down crab dip; topped with tiny shrimp, freshed diced tomatoes, spinach, and their proprietary cheese blend).

I was so disappointed when they closed down, then Puccini’s bought the place, but didn’t re-open the brewery. :frowning:

What: sausage and mozzerella
Where: Pepe’s in New Haven, CT
Why: far and above any other pizza I’ve ever eaten. Many years ago, my husband (who grew up in the area) insisted that we go there for the best pizza of my life. I was skeptical–how could pizza be THAT good? After a significant wait in line, an indifferent waitress, a confusing menu . . . well, it only took one bite to convince me. Fast forward 20 years, husband and I take our daughter there promising her the “best pizza of her life.” She was skeptical; now she’s a believer.

And you have to have the Foxon Park orange soda or ginger ale with it!

(I hear that Sally’s down the street has its fans who claim that pizza there might be equal to or even better than Pepe’s. T’would be enjoyable finding out!)

Try Napoli.