Placenta Soup

There’s a woman who wants her placenta back in the news. I guess the whole placenta ingesting thing continues to sweep the nation, having gotten as far as Vegas. Of course, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


Swanson Frozen Placenta…mmm…

At our hospital, unless you act fast and get the OB staff to keep the placenta fresh, you wind up with placenta preserved in formalin. And that’s not the kind of pickled placenta that makes for good eatin’.

Why, oh why, did I open this thread before lunch? Yuck. :smack:

Me, I prefer a Swiffer.

I do NOT understand why this is even an issue! Let her have her own goddamn placenta! I may find it disgusting, and you may find it disgusting, and the hospital may find it disgusting, but it’s none of anyone’s business but hers and her placenta’s.

grumble grumble damned establishment always butting in can’t even sell my eggs for science grumble grumble

I want a placenta!!!