Plan My Vacation For Me

I have a weeks worth of vacation coming week after next (the first week of April.) Seven days I have to last until then. The first two are the weekend, so that’s a breeze. But then five more days of work. If I can make five days without snapping anybody’s head off … one week of glorious freedom!!

So, what should I do? Go ahead … make plans for me. Tell me what to do. The only thing I have planned right now is at least one day of yard work and a trip to the Rhode Island DMV. What else would you have me do?

Like you even had to ask…

Oh! Come to Oklahoma! I’ll take you to the Botanical Gardens, the Omni-plex, the bombing memorial, the plantarium and the Cowboy Hall of Fame in OKC.

It’s too early for Frontier City to open, I think. :frowning:

Do you happen to like Golf? You can come to the Masters - but I don’t have any tickets so please don’t ask… :slight_smile: However, I do live right across the street from National Hills - so you could have a free - not to mention - close - place to stay.

Come to Michigan!

I’ve got yard work you can do! And I need some new gutters hung, and the walls really need washing, oh, and you could go to the DMV for me too, while you’re at it…

…and since I’m broke, we’ll have to trade favors. Is that okay? :smiley:

HA! I was here first. (We are going on a first come, first served basis right? RIGHT??)


Gee, I haven’t had this many people asking me to come since …

… never mind. :wink:

Please carry on.

Check out the air fares - if I lived on the east coast, I would definitely consider going to the UK or Spain for a quick 5 days. Portugal is nice, too. It would be the same as if I went to Hawaii for only 5 days, and having done that several times, I highly recommend the quick get-away. But only if the flights are cheap, otherwise it sucks. I just found out I could fly to Tokyo tomorrow and return in a week with RT fare of about $500. I can’t go, but it’s nice to know these things. Las Vegas is fun, if you haven’t
been there for awhile, lots of new stuff. I know all this sounds amazingly expensive, but there are lots of deals out there. I should be a travel agent (except for the fact that I basically hate people and talking on the phone with people and listening to people complain), I love to plan trips. Have fun, whatever you do. Just don’t go anywhere near Florida or California or any other spring break spot, unless you like that stuff. It’s already crazy here in Palm Springs, so spring break must be officially underway.

I’m just down the street from Disney…:wink:

And spring break is NOT that bad around here. A bunch of high school senior trips, band trips and family reunions.

And the Main Street Electric Light Parade is ending March 31, SpectroMagic starting again on April 1. (I’ll see if I can get a video of it for ya.

Euty, considering the conversation in your “Sugar Momma” thread (sorry, I don’t know how to link and I’m too lazy to learn right now), if you’ve got time, you really ought to go see all three of your wives. Of course, you’ll need at least a week’s rest to recover from those visits, individually and collectively (hot monkey sex, indeed!).

Hmmm Kallessa,

Now THERE is a thought!

But, the poor man only has one week!


Euty, have you been to Roger Williams Park Zoo lately? Nice place, the weather is getting better, and you can kill a whole day just walking around.
If you get a rainy day, head out to the Providence Place Mall. Nothing spectacular, just a really big mall, but there is a Cheesecake Factory in there. :slight_smile:
See what’s playing at PPAC.
There’s plenty to do right close to home. :slight_smile:


Pity you’ve only got a week’s holiday, Euty – it would do you a power of good to come to New Zealand and de-stress to the max. Nothin’ like being thousands o’ miles away from it all – let me know if you’d like suggestions of cool places down here should you ever head this way.

Wherever you go, man – have a good one!

So Euty - where did you decide to go? The TM want to know. :slight_smile:

T - minus 9 hours and counting.

Well, I don’t have the money to take a major trip, so so far I ony have one day trip planned. But I think it’s going to be a major “eat-your-heart-out” trip for some of the other gentlemen on the board. :wink:

So, who ya doin’?

Er, um… I mean, where ya headed?



[sub]I’m going back to bed now.[/sub]

Cancelled. :: sigh ::

Bummer :frowning:

[sub]‘Course, where I come from, we’d substitute the m’s in the above comment for g’s, but this here’s a polite forum, and I can’t go swearin’ at a mod, now can I? blink, blink[/sub]