"Plan of Attack" - Where's the outrage?

Inspired by this week’s This Modern World

According to Bob Woodward’s new book, Plan of Attack, Saudi ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan is given a look at secret Iraq war plans by Vice President Dick Cheney, despite the fact that the plans are clearly marked as “No Foreigns” (not to be seen by foreign nationals). Furthermore, Prince Bandar hints that the Saudi regime will tinker with oil prices to boost the American economy before the 2004 elections.

Let me say this again: the Vice President of the United States has shared state secrets with an unauthorized foreign national, and the President of the United States is conspiring with a foreign government to influence a national election. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Where is the outrage?!

Frankly, the thundering silence from both the “liberal” (sheah, right) media and the “law-abiding” (sheah, right) Republican Party is simply stunning. We’re talking about the President and the Vice-President possibly committing high crimes and misdemeanors here, and yet the only news people want to talk about is Michael Jackson’s rotating legal defense.

Is it just me? Or did everyone agree to pretend this latest fuckup from the Bush Administration, and I missed the memo?

Woodward’s book is like an ink blot: people are getting out of it what they want to see, and the book itself isn’t all that coherent.

But the Bush administration has denied these charges, and there’s not a lot anyone can do to confirm them.

When the public comes around to look at Bush’s perfidies, it will be like a dam breaking.

That is, if the public ever does. Right now you have 40% of the country who thinks Bush serves at the right hand of the Almighty, 40% who know they’d find three 6’s in his scalp if they shaved his head, and 20% whose political anger is manifested only when a Bush press conference interrupts their “American Idol”.

What makes him ‘unauthorized’? We did use bases in Saudi Arabia during the war, you know. I bet the host country wants to know that sort of thing before we actual do it.

This isn’t a AOL chatroom.

Check this out…they are bragging about the book…


It’s on their reading list.

Go figure.

Yes. Congratulations on your 8,000th post. Please accept this pink slip. You will be profoundly missed.

Yeah, but he’s the vice-president, I imagine he has some authority over whats classified to foreigners and whats not, especially if he had a prior OK from Bush . Can’t they just decide on the fly that the status of the document is now changed and he can show Bandar. If not, who would they have to talk to to get premission to change the status of the document?

As for the manipulating the oil prices, does anyone have any actual quotes from Woodward about this. Googling reveals a dirth of direct quotes from Woodward and a lot of people telling me what he said. All I could find was:

Which is not the same as saying that the “President is conspiring with a foreign gov’t”. Can anyone else find a Woodward quote thats more direct?

I’m outraged. Simply OUTRAGED!!

Anything to make you happy. rjung. :slight_smile:

It’s right here!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

And you didn’t even list Woodward’s juiciest stuff!!!

Page 250: Karl Rove, a Norwegian-American, is obsessed with the “historical duplicity” of the Swedes, who seized Norway back in 1814. This nationalism manifests itself as hatred for Swedish weapons inspector Hans Blix."

Gen. Tommy Franks’ Inspirational Profanities

"Page 118: To the Joint Chiefs: “You Title X motherfuckers!”

Illicit Bonding in the White House?

Page 149: Armitage advises Powell to schedule one-on-one bonding sessions with Bush. Powell reports back, “I think we’re really making some headway in the relationship. I know we really connected.”

I find it difficult to believe that Karl Rove seized Norway in 1814.

Read it again.

Very well. I shall read it again.

I amend my position. Karl Rove is a Norway-seizing bastard! I will still vote for Bush.

It’s hard to resist those fjords.

And this persistent belief cannot be attributed to the Swedes or the Norwegians. Blame the Finns. :eek:

While we’re stoking the fires of outrage, let us not forget this revelation as to why gas prices have been skyrocketing. :smack:
And speaking of Revelation: the truth is scarier than we think. :frowning:

There’s no outrage because it’s no big deal.

The vice-president can discuss what he chooses, and the claim of oil price fixing is unfounded.

X% of the country already has their outrage-meters pegged

Y% of the country aren’t going to be outraged by the inane scrawlings of a pandering liberal media type like Woodward

Z% (which overlaps with both of the above) cannot believe that the Giants gave up so many draft picks in the desperate hope that Eli is the second coming of Peyton while their OL is so shaky

Should be a simple enough matter to track the money that went to the Iraq buildup from whichever of those supplemental funding bills.

And that $700M reallocation is a direct violation of the Constitution. Certainly at least as valid a justification for impeachment as lying under oath about a blowjob.

I nominate this one as the funniest entry so far in ‘rjung 8000 bash’.

I bow to no one in my disdain for the present White House gang, but that can’t be shown as true without knowing the language of the authorizing and appropriation bills.

If money is appropriated for a certain category of expense the executive department can reallocate within that category in most cases.

Actually, that brings back memories… election year, “Vice-President possibly committing high crimes and misdemeanors”… aha! No controlling legal authority!!! So there…