Plane misses runway in east Congo, landing in lava

That’s the headline in Yahoo News.
Does it say something awful about me that the actual story is somehow disappointing?:

highlighting mine.

I had this mental image of passengers using the emergency chutes to deplane out into molten lava.

I’d say if they are *in *the hardened lave they are still in a world of hurt.

According to the linked story 20 were injured, but it doesn’t say how badly.

Yeah, I read that this afternoon and immediately thought about what a cheap move it was by the headline writer.

I mean, obviously it was effective…“Plane Crashes”? Meh. “Plane Crashes Into Lava”? Now there’s a story I’m clicking on! Still…cheap.

Someone probably cracked a toe-a, eats some lava.

'A’ā or Pāhoehoe?

:smack: Damn you.

Maybe it was hand soap…

I can’t work it in, but neither can I suppress this urge:

[Dr. Evil] Mag-ma. [/Dr. Evil]

In this case, it’s “solid, air temperature mag-ma?”

I hate it when that happens.

At least there’s plenty of it in Hell. At least cartoon Hell.

I read the title as “landed in Java” and though, gee those Northwestern guys overshot, but this is ridiculous.

Given that this is the Congo, not surprising. When I lived there Air Congo pilots were known to ask the passengers if anyone was getting off at a scheduled airport stop, and if no one was just continue to the next not worrying about people wanting to get on.

My boyfriend called me at work to rant about that headline. :slight_smile:


…and in case of a Lava landing, please use your pillows to diffuse your screams for not to alert the other passengers of impending hell fire. Thank You.


Yes, you are an awful person. So am I though :wink:

This was a totally disingenuous, juvenile stunt of a headline.
The plane hit some rocks that haven’t been lava in 7 years.

The news is supposed to be about facts, not sensationalism.

Of course I clicked on the original story when it came out. How often do you see a plane in lava.


Too bad it wasnt a plane load of scientologists who were missionaires :slight_smile:

Not *nearly *often enough.

I’m too relieved that people weren’t actually burned alive in boiling rock to feel much put out at the blatant manipulation.